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Photo by: BalkanArtz
About: BalkanArtz in Kraków
Through the music that we perform, we represent our vision of the musical heritage of the Balkans. Each of us introduces a nuance coming from personal musical experience: Adam has been playing flamenco for many years already, Marcin adds a spicy Hungarian rock 'n' roll feeling, Olga breathes and sings Romania, while Nikolay brings his Bulgarian sensitivity to our project. Laurențiu, who joined the team in 2019, perfectly completed the musical puzzle called BalkanArtz. The name of the band comes from "Arc," which means "face" in Hungarian, and we invite you to get to know our face of Balkan music.

Olga - vocals
Adam - guitar, bouzouki, darbuka
Marcin - lead guitar
Nikolay - guitar, bass guitar
Laurențiu - darbuka, cajon