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Ali Hugo
Influences: North American , West European , African
Genres: pop/rock
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Country Road Canadian Singer-Songwriter Ali Hugo’s love for country music is no secrete. First, there’s the country-oriented tune “You’ll find love” with its thumping banjo from Hugo’s Time Machine EP. To help promote the release of that single on country radio in 2018 in North America, Hugo supported the song by publishing a short story also titled “You’ll find love.” That strategy worked, and the music was a hit, especially in Oklahoma, USA. Next came “Trust in Allah,” one of the singles from Hugo’s album “Hope for the Meek.”
“Trust in Allah” is an Islamic Qasida in the genre of Country Music and not what you would expect to hear on your Anghami music app in the Middle East. However, fans from Mauritania in North Africa to the Persian Gulf shores responded positively to that song’s country music vibes. In his latest release, “Easy to Say, Hard to Do,” which has already generated a strong buzz in Alabama (the latest of the North American states and provinces to be part of Ali Hugo’s fan base), Hugo is promoting his songwriting efforts, rather than promoting himself as a country singer. Before the song’s release, Hugo published a TikTok video showing-off his country vocal abilities by covering Loggins & Messina’s “Watching the river run.” With “Easy to Say, Hard to Do,” “ I’m trying to tell the folks in the country music business that this is a great song in the style of 70’s country music, and I’m available for business as a country songwriter” says Hugo. Hugo is not oblivious to critics who question, “who is this guy who comes out of nowhere and thinks he can make music which has a long line of tradition held up by the likes of Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Randy Travis, Reba McIntyre & Paul Brandt to name but a few? But the reality on the ground remains that country music has gone Global. Suppose the North American artists are not interested in the international market and prefer to view country music as a national treasure, n that case, one can’t blame artists with a global following like Ali Hugo who wants to carry the torch of country music Globally one song at a time. “I’m doing the songs which I think my fans would love, and so far, fans both in North America and Globally love the new music,” says Hugo. Hugo is back in the studio working on Afrodisiac, his upcoming Swahili language EP.

High-Speed Music Consumption In Today’s Music Market The strategy of creating music inspired by a particular concept is increasingly becoming difficult to market. Does this mean the death of the music Album? Not necessarily. Through innovative music marketing, concept albums will continue to make an impact on listeners. Thus, each song of the album has to have a marketing strategy of its own. That strategy acts as a sub-strategy to the concept album’s overall marketing plan. Simultaneously, the rest of the album serves as a restrictive agent for the single not to digress away from the album concept by overshadowing other songs from the album — thus avoiding the result of a very successful single from an unsuccessful album. What is different today is the idea that a successful single will attract listeners to discover more music from the concept album containing that successful single. This idea is no longer sustainable in today’s music market. The challenges facing music albums today are the speedy high levels of music consumption, the diversity of music released both independently and by majors labels, and the reality that everyone and their grandmother want to be a famous sensational music star. Add to all of this the speed at which world events are taking place and music competing with other artforms and entertainment. All these make it challenging to sustain listeners’ interests in a particular music album for a long time. Maintaining recurring streams for an album is particularly difficult as streamers speedily move onto the next release list, for example, #newmusicfriday. As has been proven by many of today’s artists, Fordism and the assembly line approach to music production can help artists succeed in a market dominated by high-speed music consumption. That success is in the shape of increasing artist visibility and popularity. However, the nightmare begins when artists realize that fame and popularity do not equate to financial success. In the music business, financial success is in music sync opportunities and publishing.
The recent releases of remastered tracks of Deluxe music compilation albums from many established musicians attest to the fact that profitability is in music albums in the long-run. For example, American singer Cyndi Lauper’s album “She’s So Unusual,” released in the ’80s, was rebranded and released as Cyndi Lauper She’s So Unusual A 30th Anniversary Celebration Deluxe Ed Signed CD Priced at around $149.99. The repackaging of such a product indicates that fans pay attention to details, and every bit of an artist’s memorabilia matters.
UnitedMasters singer-songwriter/musician Ali Hugo is not one to walk away from the challenges of the modern music industry. Hugo started releasing singles from his successful spiritual pop-rock album “Hope For the Meek” in 2019. The album contains 12 songs written and produced by Ali Hugo. The experience of marketing an album with perseverance in a global music market where the music singles rule is a challenge. Still, Hugo took a multidimensional approach to release music in 2020. while wrapping up the hope for the meek project, Hugo wrote and produced music for his Christmas instrumental playlist, including tracks such as “Teleportation,” a song written after Hugo developed the formula for the macroeconomics of a wormhole [LARC=U= Diseconomies of scale].
Hugo also wrote and performed on his spoken word release titled “Despair.”
By releasing singles in between promoting the Hope for the Meek album, Hugo managed to retain the audience’s interest with music unrelated to hope for the meek while sustaining listeners’ curiosity & attraction to the album’s content. At the same time, Hugo managed to attend his record labels music conference UnitedMasters #selectcon2
When asked about his music’s future, Hugo stated, “The bottom line is; I understand that profitability is in my music publishing and music sync opportunities. When I make business decisions related to adding new music to my catalogue, the basis of those decisions is what's best for the Ali Hugo estate in the long run? Today I know that what's best is having the right kind of music catalogue which can generate further profitability to the Ali Hugo estate in the form of the Ali Hugo Deluxe Music box planned for release in 2028.” more
Ali Hugo Instrumentals Winter Holidays are a great time to share a joyful season with friends and family. Sounds of superb, joyous music should surround festive times. Belief Records, with the support of UnitedMasters, is thrilled to curate the Ali Hugo Instrumental Playlist. The list will be your soundtrack to a memorable winter holiday. Whether shopping for presents, signing greeting cards or sharing a meal with loved ones, the Ali Hugo Instrumental playlist is the right choice of music for your winter holidays.

Link to Playlist:
TikTok: A Whole New World The team at Belief Records has been busy building strategic plans for promoting Ali Hugo’s upcoming Swahili EP “Afrodisiac.” The group started by collecting fans’ responses on their preferences for streaming Ali Hugo’s music and accessing Ali Hugo related content, news and information with the launch of the Afrodisiac survey. Next, the team reviewed past successful strategies and how we could recycle them into the new project. “One of the fundamentals of working on any new recording project is managing the project budget,” said Touba Alam, the Digital Marketing specialist at Belief Records. “I know that I’m on a budget, and I need to invest funds to generate the maximum amount of exposure for Ali Hugo,” stated Alam. In the past, we have spent quite a bit of money promoting Ali Hugo on various social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, which helped Hugo build a good fanbase. However, none of those accomplishments come near to what we were able to accomplish with Tik Tok. By posting just one video titled “Ancient Dance” on Tik Tok, which generated 4437 views in the first hour after it was released, this rocked the foundation of our marketing plans. We could achieve for free on Tik Tok what We could not accomplish on other networks through paid advertising. Without a doubt, we now envision a whole new world of endless opportunities for Ali Hugo to stay connected to his fans and reach a new audience.
So What does Hugo’s chances of going viral on Tik Tok mean for the Belief Records team?
Touba Alam responded by saying, “the team has been taking a keen interest in Microsoft’s bid to acquire TikTok in the states, we were disappointed when that deal did not go through. On the other hand, we were glad that Oracle won that bid because the team at Belief Records are experienced users of Oracle software”. “It is great to work with Ali Hugo because he is such a hands-on musician and financial engineer who uses Oracle software for generating all sorts of reports and integrating them into Excel to create KPI,” said Alam.

“So what this means for Belief Records and Ali Hugo is that we are familiar with the Oracle culture, which will help us integrate it to create art that will complement Tik Tok USA,” Alam enthusiastically confirmed. more
Master Of The Game American Actress Madonna recently spoke about her rise to fame when exposure platforms such as Youtube were non-existent. The eighties and nineties were an exciting time for artists in the music business. Major artists had awakened to the endless possibilities for furthering their success and gaining more riches than what they were earning from the record labels by taking control of their music density. Except for Madonna, the three top earners of those decades, George Michael, Prince, and Michael Jackson, had engaged their record labels in public disputes with both Prince and George Michael wanting out of the recording contracts they had signed in their teens.
Prince wanted to gain ownership of the masters for the music he recorded while signed to Warner Bros Music. Those came to be known as the “Slave years”, which saw Prince change his name to an unpronounceable symbol.
After the changes that enveloped the music business landscape, Prince signed an exclusive deal with Tidal, the platform owned by Jay Z.
UnitedMasters artist Ali Hugo discussed the importance of musicians owning the master recordings of their releases. “ I’m lucky to be a cusp between generation X and the Millennials.” What makes Hugo different, is that he has the strong foundation and know-how from generation X music industry as well as the cutting edge skills needed to succeed in today’s landscape, while also working on accurately forecasting and strategically planning for tomorrow.”
Possessing this adroitness is what made Ali Hugo sign with UnitedMasters. “Besides the fact that I get to keep 100% of the royalties from my upcoming catalogue, the agreement with UnitedMasters allows me to retain ownership of the master recordings of my releases and giving me access to endless sync & distribution opportunities.” “Having witnessed the “Slave years”, today; I understand the financial gains which can accrue from owning my masters’. “ it is all about believing in the value of my catalogue, which is the best financial investment I’ve made for myself and the future of the Ali Hugo estate.”
Hugo’s is currently working on “Afrodisiac,” which will be his first release with UnitedMasters. more
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Ali Hugo is an Omani/Canadian singer-songwriter. Ali started his professional singing career at the age of eight when he joined the family “LEO” band as the lead singer. In his teens, Ali launched the “Spin Around The Mall Tour” playing at various local shopping malls. After graduating from high school, Ali focused on developing his skills as a songwriter and studio recording artist. Ali successfully completed the recording of a 10 song demo. Subsequent to gaining the professional experiences of recording at prominent studios in Toronto such as Metalworks Studios and Studio 9, Ali went knocking on the doors of every major record label searching for a record deal. Having been unsuccessful in securing a deal, Ali shelved the demo and pursued his academic studies obtaining a bachelorette in finance from the University of Bedfordshire UK where Ali graduated with Honors. By 2015, Ali had adopted the DIY approach to making music and released his instrumental album “New Generation Farahan” on the indie label HugoProductions Records. On this album, Ali takes credit for writing, arranging, playing all the instruments, mixing, mastering as well as producing “New Generation Farahan”. “New Generation Farahan” entered the indie charts top 10 at No. #8. Featured on the album is the No. #1 hit single “Tears of a Broken Heart” which reached No #1 on the Ethno Cloud North American charts and No#3 on the world charts. The video for that song also skyrocketed up the North American video charts to reach No.#3 Hugo is also known for his skills in the strategic marketing and promoting of his music.