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Ali Hugo
Genre: pop/rock
TikTok: A Whole New World The team at Belief Records has been busy building strategic plans for promoting Ali Hugo’s upcoming Swahili EP “Afrodisiac.” The group started by collecting fans’ responses on their preferences for streaming Ali Hugo’s music and accessing Ali Hugo related content, news and information with the launch of the Afrodisiac survey. Next, the team reviewed past successful strategies and how we could recycle them into the new project. “One of the fundamentals of working on any new recording project is managing the project budget,” said Touba Alam, the Digital Marketing specialist at Belief Records. “I know that I’m on a budget, and I need to invest funds to generate the maximum amount of exposure for Ali Hugo,” stated Alam. In the past, we have spent quite a bit of money promoting Ali Hugo on various social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, which helped Hugo build a good fanbase. However, none of those accomplishments come near to what we were able to accomplish with Tik Tok. By posting just one video titled “Ancient Dance” on Tik Tok, which generated 4437 views in the first hour after it was released, this rocked the foundation of our marketing plans. We could achieve for free on Tik Tok what We could not accomplish on other networks through paid advertising. Without a doubt, we now envision a whole new world of endless opportunities for Ali Hugo to stay connected to his fans and reach a new audience.
So What does Hugo’s chances of going viral on Tik Tok mean for the Belief Records team?
Touba Alam responded by saying, “the team has been taking a keen interest in Microsoft’s bid to acquire TikTok in the states, we were disappointed when that deal did not go through. On the other hand, we were glad that Oracle won that bid because the team at Belief Records are experienced users of Oracle software”. “It is great to work with Ali Hugo because he is such a hands-on musician and financial engineer who uses Oracle software for generating all sorts of reports and integrating them into Excel to create KPI,” said Alam.

“So what this means for Belief Records and Ali Hugo is that we are familiar with the Oracle culture, which will help us integrate it to create art that will complement Tik Tok USA,” Alam enthusiastically confirmed. more
Master Of The Game American Actress Madonna recently spoke about her rise to fame when exposure platforms such as Youtube were non-existent. The eighties and nineties were an exciting time for artists in the music business. Major artists had awakened to the endless possibilities for furthering their success and gaining more riches than what they were earning from the record labels by taking control of their music density. Except for Madonna, the three top earners of those decades, George Michael, Prince, and Michael Jackson, had engaged their record labels in public disputes with both Prince and George Michael wanting out of the recording contracts they had signed in their teens.
Prince wanted to gain ownership of the masters for the music he recorded while signed to Warner Bros Music. Those came to be known as the “Slave years”, which saw Prince change his name to an unpronounceable symbol.
After the changes that enveloped the music business landscape, Prince signed an exclusive deal with Tidal, the platform owned by Jay Z.
UnitedMasters artist Ali Hugo discussed the importance of musicians owning the master recordings of their releases. “ I’m lucky to be a cusp between generation X and the Millennials.” What makes Hugo different, is that he has the strong foundation and know-how from generation X music industry as well as the cutting edge skills needed to succeed in today’s landscape, while also working on accurately forecasting and strategically planning for tomorrow.”
Possessing this adroitness is what made Ali Hugo sign with UnitedMasters. “Besides the fact that I get to keep 100% of the royalties from my upcoming catalogue, the agreement with UnitedMasters allows me to retain ownership of the master recordings of my releases and giving me access to endless sync & distribution opportunities.” “Having witnessed the “Slave years”, today; I understand the financial gains which can accrue from owning my masters’. “ it is all about believing in the value of my catalogue, which is the best financial investment I’ve made for myself and the future of the Ali Hugo estate.”
Hugo’s is currently working on “Afrodisiac,” which will be his first release with UnitedMasters. more
Ali Hugo has signed with UnitedMasters Ali Hugo has signed with UnitedMasters. The Canadian singer-songwriter known for creating concept music is basking in the success of his “Hope for the Meek” album. At the same time, Hugo has already started producing his next project, titled “Afrodisiac.” Afrodisiac is Hugo’s highly anticipated Swahili music EP which takes Hugo to uncharted waters. “We created a communication video to let the fans known about the possibility of initiating the Afrodisiac project. That video went viral, and it put pressure on us to start the recording of the project as soon as possible,” Hugo explained. Initially, we thought of creating a dance record suitable for the many seasonal dance festivals that take place across Africa, for example, the Full Moon party, which takes place yearly in the archipelago of Zanzibar. However, after analyzing the stats of a survey we conducted with the fans, it became clear to us that “Afrodisiac” has to be a holiday music EP. Wheres, we promoted my previous Time Machine EP as the music that would take listeners to the sounds of “Back in the Day.” The survey showed us that “Afrodisiac” should be marketed as the music that takes you on a “Getaway” or Escapade. However, that's just the concept; the music itself will be straight-up radio-friendly Pop music,” Hugo Confirmed. When asked how fans of Hugo’s spiritual music from Hope from the Meek are going to receive the secular “Aphrodisiac” pop music? Hugo responds with “despite the name, the idea behind aphrodisiac is seduction, which leads to Kosher intimate relations”. When we were mapping out the promotion action plan for “Afrodisiac,” we considered “Heart in Motion” by Amy Grant as an exemplary record for making a successful transition from Christian music to a successful secular pop album.
The promotional home base for “Hope for the Meek” was the UK. However, with Afrodisiac, Hugo decided to move that base to Germany. Along with a new Homebase, Hugo signed with UnitedMasters a digital music organization formed by Steve Stoute an industry veteran with impressive credentials as President of Urban Music at both Sony Music and Executive Vice President at Interscope in the ’90s.

"Signing up with UnitedMasters is an exciting change of direction for me. In any new business relationship, the expectations have to be realistic, but I’m convinced that UnitedMasters is a step forward in taking my career to the next level." Hugo reassured his fans.

“The Politics of Digital Marketing in the Music Business” With every new technological development which enhances music makers' abilities to take ownership of their career via the DIY approach, the prevalent belief that the destiny of an artist’s success is in one’s own hands gains wider ground. Without a doubt, the tools given to music artists to encourage those artists to follow the DIY pathway has transformed the music business and the common understanding is that artists stand to benefit more from the way the music business operates today than the old record business model pioneered by the likes of Clive Davis & David Geffen. However, is this true? Has the record business really made a shift from the old politics to an equal opportunity industry? Have musicians globally, if they only use the correct marketing strategies, work hard, and preserver been given access to the “American Dream”? There is one debate that states that the DIY approach to making and marketing music has led to the democratization of the record industry. On the other hand, others have the understanding that the cosmetic transformation of the record industry is just that and that the ball is still being squashed in the same court it has always been.

Canadian singer-songwriter and indie artist Ali Hugo known for writing Islamic country songs was recently interviewed by the Nigerian Musicology podcast where Hugo talked about some of the challenges of being an indie DIY artist in today’s music industry and Hugo expressed that industry accountability is still a concern for many artists. On the other hand, music manager Rick Barker who played a role in the success of Taylor Swift’s career runs a successful business that is based on the assumption that the right digital marketing know-how can certainly lead DIY to success.

So how has digital marketing transformed the music industry? Does the surgically altered face of the music industry today express that there is less collusion between industry establishments to achieve common goals of mutual interests? Well, for one thing, the burden of marketing and promoting content has been shifted to the content creator through the “share” culture. This is having a noticeable impact on the marketing budgets of many record labels. In addition to this, the new face of the music industry has extended a lifeline to the careers of specialists like Rick Barker who have digitized their many years of experience in the music industry into a successful online business. Like Barker, there are the online vocal coaches, virtual music managers, and many more services available for the DIY musician. However, the question which puzzles most is how much value can be added by virtual managers from the Atari age to musicians born in the play-station and Xbox age? Does the new music industry give equal opportunities to a Japanese manager in Tokyo who has superior digital marketing skills to launch a successful virtual music management career?

There are certain musicians who are skeptical about the rewards which can be reaped by the DIY approach and the idea that the ownership of the old music model has completely reached the end of its lifeline. Canadian Musician Ali Hugo’s team at belief records have frequently bragged about being known for successfully marketing Hugo’s music online, yet this does not explain the strange move by Hugo’s team at belief records to replace a premium owned website worth $12,000 and one which attracts 900 visitors a day with a free WordPress site. When asked to comment about this Hugo stated that the last thing any industry needs is another whiner. The team at belief records looked at the response from the fan mail coming in and that response did not match the performance stats being provided to belief records by some of its online service providers. Digital marketing is largely based on statistics and if we can’t depend on the data being given to us by our services providers, our team cannot strategies our next effective marketing moves which will take Hugo’s career to the next level. Resorting to a free WordPress site has many perks including accurate realtime statistics and associating the sites Ali Hugo content with Wordpress adds. The Ali Hugo team views this as a collaboration where the team will provide the content and WordPress ca push the content with sponsored adds to the mainstream and in this way, we have the assurance that the Ali Hugo music message reaches a wider audience and at the same time we avoid depending on phony numbers. Hugo also mentioned the need for cost-cutting. “cost-cutting for the Ali Hugo teams is not only about terminating a relationship with a website host thus relieving belief records from paying premium services fees, but it also means more dependence on organic growth rather than paid promotions. This leads to managing better relations which translate into Good Will on our end of year financial statements. An example of this type of relationship is the one the Ali Hugo team has with the Shift Radio and Television station based in Manchester UK. Our relationship with Shift has been fruitful. Sure there is a symbolic fee to it but the harvest includes access for Ali Hugo to a wide network of shifts music connections, for example, the Shift cafe, The music revolution, Shifts UK, and US talent seekers network.

Is There Hope for The Meek?

Despite the traditional music models and its oligarchies fighting to the death to live on, the hope for many indie artists is on the new innovative technology and new players in the industry. For example, TikTok has completely revolutionized the game where a person in Pakistan can gain instant celebrity status based on the equal opportunities provided for the content being published on TikTok. The team at belief records responded to opportunities provided by the likes of TikTok and other new players “well it's astonishing! the numbers speak for themselves.” Our video content was able to reach a wider audience for free with higher realtime statistic figures in a short period of time than what we achieved through paid promotions on some well-known digital platforms."

So, does this mean that experience has no value in this new music industry, “it certainly does not” was belief records response, there is no room for the old biases and equal opportunity is non-optional. However, it might take Alibaba’s digital music platform a long time to reach the kind of success achieved by Amazon Prime and the Amazon digital music market. This may also be an impossibility if Amazon continues its ability to support its music streaming and download services with cutting edge technology which benefits all DIY musicians. more
Ali Hugo is an Omani/Canadian singer-songwriter. Ali started his professional singing career at the age of eight when he joined the family “LEO” band as the lead singer. In his teens, Ali launched the “Spin Around The Mall Tour” playing at various local shopping malls. After graduating from high school, Ali focused on developing his skills as a songwriter and studio reco... more
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