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Ali Hugo
Genre: live show
Vogue After many years of shying away from the camera, Ali Hugo recently collaborated on a photo-shoot with Vogue Italy photographer William Clay Autery. Autery who is originally an American from Dallas Texas owner of Anthology Media Group is well known in the fashion industry for working on projects for GQ and Vogue amongst many of the other magazines in the fashion industry. The photos from the shoot, as well as a short documentary on the collaboration, will be posted on Hugo's website by August 12th 2019. Ali Hugo PR Team Belief PR Group    #vogue; #italy; #voguecafe; #urbanbehavior; #alihugo; #clayautery; #anthologymediagroup; #beliefrecords; more
Hope For The Meek Dear  Fans,   I've started writing the music to my new project titled "Hope For The Meek". I've also created an online reflections log page for my fans to keep up with the production process. So far, things are going really good thanks to God. This project is a spiritual album with most of the songs praising our creator the one true God, The God of Abraham, King of the Universe who has many names. Click below to read more about the project and keep me in your prayers to be able to create a project that will justly give hope to the meek.   Much Love,   More more
[Time Machine] Rockumentary Gets Its First Review [Time Machine] Rockumentary is reviewed by INDYRED      More more
[Time Machine] Rockumentary The [Time Machine] Rockumentary will be broadcasted on Hugo's SMM Networks; Boxing Day 7:00 P.M. Vancouver. For Fans outside of check your local timings.   Add the  link below to your favorites    #Rockumentary #Alihugo #Indiefilms #Musicdocumentary #TimeMachine   Ali Hugo Fanclub Team more
Ali Hugo is an Omani/Canadian singer-songwriter. Ali started his professional singing career at the age of eight when he joined the family “LEO” band as the lead singer. In his teens, Ali launched the “Spin Around The Mall Tour” playing at various local shopping malls. After graduating from high school, Ali focused on developing his skills as a songwriter and studio re... more
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