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Tea Party At The Pet Shop In The Music Business
The new album by singer-songwriter Ali Hugo is called “Tea Party At the Pet Shop.” Hugo returns to the written, composed, and produced by Ali Hugo formula with this new endeavor. From a business standpoint, Hugo’s marketing team began by using the customary Japanese method of conducting market research, which involves identifying a need rather t... more
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UnitedMasters\' distribution agreement is not renewed by Ali Hugo.
Tampa Florida March 19th 2024
Earlier this month, fans of Ali Hugo's instrumental music and songs from his Afrodisiac album discovered that Hugo's work had been taken down from online music retailers and streaming services. Some of Hugo's back catalog songs aren't available for streaming or buying since the Hugo team decided not to extend... more
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I Gotcha Covered
Some indie music communities have a trend of disparaging major record labels. Today's musicians may shudder at the idea of receiving a 360 record deal; the label "sell out" is swiftly applied to independent musicians who give up their independence and join with a major label. 

Canadian artist Ali Hugo is still basking in the glory... more
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Changed World Miz Sally?
Hugo senior, when he became a fan of the Beatles, never anticipated that one day Hugo Jr. would be composing music similar to the Beatle's songs. Even more incredible is the ability to master songs at Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles recorded their biggest hits.

"Miz Sally" is the second single from Ali Hugo's new album "Home... more
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Belief Records, a boutique independent record label, is gearing up for the release of songs from Ali Hugo's upcoming project. Following the success of Ali Hugo's Afrodisiac EP, the Belief Records research team set out to create new marketing strategies for Ali Hugo's forthcoming album. Hugo has already finished recording tracks for his upcoming ... more
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Swahili Opera
Ali Hugo’s third single from his Afrodisiac EP is charting new territory once again. Hugo is no stranger to experimenting with different genres of music, with this new song titled “ Bora Ninywe Sumu” or “The Poison Song” being a first of its kind in the genre of Swahili opera. The song was penned by Hugo’s grandfather Iddi Farahan. The poison so... more