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Guitarist, composer, singer, producer. "My idea of music is oriented toward the future. If I had to define my musical genre, I would keep saying that it is a crossover, or contamination, a fusion between apparently distant cultures that, if they come together, can give life to something new (basically, all life is research)."

After years of concerts, publications, and collaborations, Marco Pernice produces electro-funk music with rock/blues contaminations. It is his new dimension: songs like "DJ Killer," "The Electric Pope," "Alien," "Mr. President," "Funk U (Remix)," "My Mind," and "No Funky Down" are now hits on the international indie radio circuit and have entered various official indie rankings such as "Radio Indie Alliance," "Earone," "Classifica Indie (Italy)," "Euro Indie Music Chart," "iTunes," "Amazon," as well as rankings of individual stations.

He started to play the guitar many years ago, listening to great musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Vernon Reid, and people like that, working as a radio speaker and guitar teacher.

He began his musical career in Italy between bands, concerts, festivals, and record productions in the early '90s. Over the years, he played at prestigious Italian festivals such as Time Zones, Taranta Power, Bari Jazz Festival, Summer Festivals, etc., in artistic programs that included artists such as Lou Reed, John Cale, Popol Vuh, Uri Caine, and Vernon Reid. There were also numerous radio passages on local and national FM radios and web radios, reviews in local and national newspapers, magazines, and on TV.

From January 2022, the "My Mind" video clip has been in rotation on the "Spazio Musica" television program, with visibility on Smart TV and on-demand Set-Top Box in 200 million devices connected to the internet, visible in 130 countries around the world in the best national and international brands, and on digital terrestrial in Italy, Switzerland, and Argentina.
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