September 09/07/21, 2021
Bryan Banks Is Nothing But Raw In His Most Recent Album The passionate rock artist and former drummer went solo so that he could fulfill his creative desires. In 2017, he released his debut album entitled "The Sudden Sounds of Urgency" that captured his current state of emotions regarding friendships and relationships. The album draws inspiration from bands like Van Halen, Living Color, and Def Leopard, while also boasting of Bryan's unique musical sound.

Bryan says "The inspiration for the album was an overview of looking at life where I currently was and coming to an understand how my friendships and relationships were going and changes that needed to be made. Basically it's about being true to yourself and your mistakes but also realizing your strength and where you right and how one day we're one of things and the next day the other. These Decision is about people having a narrow view of situations and taken a selfish slanted opinion or approach to overall things in life. Manifested by whatever troubles or experiences have shaped them."

As a drummer for Owen's Grudge, a popular local melodic hard rock band from Northeastern Pennsylvania during the early 2000's- Banks provided solid groove oriented drumming and rich vocal harmonies for the group. A shift in the bands direction lead him to pursue other musical ventures, which included accompanying drums and percussion for some of the areas top acoustic acts as well as filling in the drum chair as needed for other local bands. An overwhelming desire to write original material again lead him to start putting together subtle guitar parts eventually leading to the genesis of the solo CD project "The Sudden Sounds Of Urgency". With songs featuring heavy melodic guitar tones, soulful vocals and a driving back beat this artist just might become of your new favorites.

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If "The Sudden Sounds of Urgency" interests you, you will definitely love his most recent single "The Less You know," which is the perfect follow up to the album. You can listen to "The Less You Know" here:

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