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Tomáš Kočko & ORCHESTR
Czech Republic
Influences: East European , Balkan
Genres: world/metal/acoustic/traditional/pagan stream of never ending energy and stories.
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Tomáš Kočko & ORCHESTR

Great, juicy acoustic music coming from amazing region in the heart of Europe. You can feel pagan energy, folk traditions, virtuous instrumentation, deep thoughts, unforgettable voices and metal sound altogether, performed by Moravian Jethro Tull or Chieftains, how they sometimes call us in reviews.

Their history started in 1999 withtheir album Horni chlapci and since then, they released with Indies Records nine more albums - and they still find more and more musical surprises.

Tomas Kockoand his group belong to the top of the middle-east European world music scene.

They have won twice a local version of Grammy -award ANDEL (2006 and 2012)!

Their CD POPLOR also was for two months in TOP 20 of European World Music Charts!

Their music is played on acoustic instruments - guitars, violin, dulcimer and recorders as well as percussions and traditional folk instruments. It sounds straight and it has expressive strains and rhythmical background with elements of rock, metal, folk music and jazz.

They have appeared on the significant festivals of the Czech republic and world festivals like were European Broadcasting Union Folk Festival in Cork (IR), Rock for People (CZ), Nowa tradycja (PL), Colours of Ostrava (CZ), United Islands of Prague (CZ), Le village européen des nouvelles musiques traditionnelles (FR), Ethnosfera (PL), Viljandi Folk Festival (Estonia), 14th Heritage World Music Festival, Szolnok (Hungary), Halkaer (Denmark), Harvest (Russia) and elsewhere they find a friendly audience.

Band members and instumentation:

Tomáš Kočko - lead vocal, guitars, mandoline

Helena Vyvozilová - recorders, flute, kvinton, dulcimer, vocal

Libuše Černá - violin, vocal, viola

Roman Plaširyba - doublebass, vocal

Pavel Plch – percussions, vocal

Stanislav Pliska - drums