SVETOGLAS-The Mystery Of Bulgarian Polyphony©
Influences: Balkan , East European
Genres: music of bulgaria, world, bulgarian folk, folk, ethnic, orthodox church, ethnic, ancient folk, sacredpolyphonic singing, polyphonic chants
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September 2023 #25 - Top 40 for East European Influence SVETOGLAS - Sacred Music Festival "Fausto Flamini" Rome / СВЕТОГЛАС (video)
September 2023 #20 - Top 40 for Balkan Influence SVETOGLAS - Bulgarian folk song / СВЕТОГЛАС - Пъстър хоровод (video)
About: Svetoglas formation's concert in the cathedral Józsefváros Budapest
About: Svetoglas formation's concert in the cathedral Józsefváros Budapest
About: One day of shooting with Folklore TV
About: One day of shooting with Folklore TV
About: Svetoglas Formation Christmas concert
About: Presentation of quartet Svetoglas' new album "Molenie Gospodne"
Male acappella vocal quartet gives deep depiction of the ancient Bulgarian folklore, and polyphonic works of Orthodox sacred music. They explore and introduce the ancient hymns, unknown until now. These are the masterpieces of Bulgarian monophonic music and its manifestations during the centuries. In 2012 the Svetoglas formation released their first music project called "The Wheel of Life" in which are presented, in chronological order, Traditional music and Bulgarian Orthodox Church songs about the birth, life, death and the afterlife.

In 2014 Svetoglas relizes several recordings of ancient ecclesiastical chants for the second independent project "Ancient Orthodox Hymns". The formation has made numerous vocal and film recordings for the Bulgarian National Radio and Television and had many prestigious tours in Russia, England, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Colombia and Italy.

They have participated in the international festival "Music of Faith" in Kazan Russia, the Festival of Spiritual Music in Drammen Norway, the Festival of Sacred Music "Maestro de la Roza" in Oviedo Spain, International Music Festival in Cartagena Colombia, 16 International Festival “Murcia three cultures” Spain at the International Festival for Sacred Music “Fausto Flamini” in “Saint Mary Aracoeli” Basilica in Rome Italy.

Svetoglas members: Daniel Spassov, Stanimir Ivanov, Viktor Tomanov and Milen Ivanov.