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August 08/18/21, 2021
The Talented Lindsay Solo Shares Her Powerful Rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel Classic Lindsay Solo wows us once again with her cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s song, “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Her powerful vocals take us by the hand from the very first note and don’t let go of our ear until the last chord is played. Her performance is live from East West Studios in Los Angeles and surpasses what we could have imagined this rendition of the song could be. Since 1971 when Aretha Franklin took us to church with this song, Solo has done the same. We are once again brought to church caught between awe and tears, leaving the song on repeat until our hearts just want to burst.

Solo is an LA based artist who wants to “bring joy and healing to others through my singing” and feels it is her “responsibility on this planet.” Her style is that of modern, cinematic sensibility with the power of classical music and the excitement and accessibility of pop.

Solo hails from Little Rock, Arkansas and has been inspired in her career by such acts as Celine Dion and Michael Bolton. She accidentally discovered her wide vocal range in college where she formally studied Vocal Performance and Opera at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and with La Musica Lirica in Novafeltria, Italy.

Joining the Imperativa Records family, Solo plans on continuing to wow audiences with authentic opera, while still touching hearts with jaw dropping pop favorites. Solo will release two songs through Imperativa, the romantic pop collection Love Reimagined, and a contemporary Christmas EP. She is excited to continue to explore the world of songwriting and expand her creative abilities to create a new album this coming year and we are excited to hear more from this powerhouse singer as well!

You can watch her live performance at the EastWest Studio in Los Angeles here:

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