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Tamir Hargana
United States
Influences: Asian , North American
Genres: world music. throat singing. fusion. morin khuur. mongolian instruments.
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Photo by: Tamir Hargana
About: Northern Wind trio
Tamir Hargana currently Chicago based Musician. graduated from Inner Mongolia University Arts College, specializing in Mongolian throat singing, Khoomii, and the Horse head fiddle (Morin Khuur.) Tamir has won many awards and prizes in throat singing competitions in Mongolia, Russia, Tuva, Xilingol, Manzhuur in Inner Mongolia and China. He has performed in many concerts, presentations, and workshops in the U.S., Mongolia,Russia, Taiwan, Indonesia and China. He was also featured in TV documentaries about throat singing. In addition, Tamir has received his Master's degree on World Music-Performance from Northern Illinois University. Currently He is teaching Khoomii(Throat singing) in Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. Tamir Also doing workshops and lectures performance around United State!