A Platform for Ethnically and Culturally Inspired Music
We perform as a duo mostly, but occasionally we direct a group, as demonstrated in various videos. Catherine Braslavsky is a highly-acclaimed singer, who has been compared to Lisa Gerrard. I accompany her on oud, Middle Eastern and African percussion, tampura, Tibetan bowls, and others. She also plays dulcimer and frame drum. We both compose music. Most of our performances are of a genre that we call "narrative concerts" — i.e., musical pieces connected by a narrative thread of poetry, stories, legends, and texts that evoke a universal sense of the sacred, independently of any doctrine or specific belief system.

Our repertoire aims toward a sacred music of today: interfaith, ecumenical, multi-ethnic. However, we are grounded mostly in medieval and Arabic music. Catherine is an expert in solo Gregorian chant and Hildegard of Bingen. But our approach to all these ancient musics is to make them come alive in the context of today's world.

To date, we've published 7 albums. We're based in Paris, though we often perform in the SF Bay Area, and elsewhere in California.
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