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A Platform for Ethnically and Culturally Inspired Music

EthnoCloud is a platform for collaboration and discovery. Our goal is to promote ethnically and culturally inspired music of all genres and all regions of the world.
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Most Active Members
Andrea Valencia
Goran Milosavljević
Fairy Tale
Laimas Muzykanti
Brenda Navarrete
Anne Lorenz
Lorraine Lionheart
Saulius Petreikis
Mamy Cruz
Aversion Theory
Julio Zelaya
Alena Kotelnikova
Dimitris Mauronasos
Willy Saintidor
Mariachi Mexico Amigo
Kearoma Rantao
Camila De Lima Gervaz
Antonina Project
Viento Wirikuta
Ivana Rezek
Johanna Mikkola
Scott Jeffers Traveler
Misko Plavi Trio
George Koutsouradis
Bairro Ladino
Gypsy Dynamite
Jorge & Yuri Lopez
Claudia Mühlberger
Top 40 Tracks for March
Dimitris Mystakidis
# 1
O Pasatempos
# 2
Aleksandar Stanic
# 3
Disco Flute
# 4
Ajde Jano
Katerina Tsiridou
# 5
Top 40 Videos for March
Habib Koité - #Imagine - Habib Koité & Mini Star
# 1
#Imagine - Habib Koit ...
KOMPANÍA - KOMPANÍA - Φελάχες γλυκιές - Felaches glykies (Sweet felahs)
# 2
"KOMPANÍA" - Φελάχες ...
Mina Matijasevic&Etno Jazz Orchestra - Mina Matijasevic Ethno Jazz Orchestra//Ne lomi mi lojze//ATTIC studio
# 3
Mina Matijasevic Ethn ...
KOMPANÍA - KOMPANÍA - Μπαρμπαούζος - Barbaouzos (Uncle-Ouzo)
# 4
"KOMPANÍA" - Μπαρμπαο ...
Mostar Sevdah Reunion - Mostar Sevdah Reunion - Laku Noc
# 5
Mostar Sevdah Reunion ...
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Featured Blogs
Smashing Lads - Easier Said Than Done
Wouldn't we all like to get away from the hum drum work, sleep, work, treadmil ? Well according to Oldham's SMASHING LADS it is 'Easier Said Than Done.
Baltimore Rowhouse Recording
A new recording has been made of Baltmore Rowhouse.  David Arivett  added the horn lines in my mid-size ensemble score to the small group recording that was made for me several years ...
  Musical Reviews for Blogfoolk by Daniele Cestellini – Professor of Ethnomusicology­world­n­folk­music­paolo­roberto...
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