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A Platform for Ethnically and Culturally Inspired Music

EthnoCloud is a platform for collaboration and discovery. Our goal is to promote ethnically and culturally inspired music of all genres and all regions of the world.
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Zekiye Yurekli
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Scott Jeffers Traveler
Julian Markov
Rosalia De Cuba
Julio Zelaya
Vasil Dimitrov
Folklore Formation
Cheeky Promo
El Montuno (El Rey De La Cimarronada)
Andulu Stephens
George Koutsouradis
Todor Petkov
Nicolette Davis
Ensemble FLAIR
Andrea Valencia
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Amadou Diagne & Group Yakar
Aleksandar Stanic
Mauro Gatto
Manuel Monestel
Bella Zio
Eduardo Machado
Daemonia Nymphe
Bei Bei He
OUJASAV Artistiques Productions
Goran Milosavljević
John Duffy
Caiseal Mor
Alena Kotelnikova
Top 40 Tracks for April
Aleksandar Stanic
# 1
Disco Flute
Dimitris Mystakidis
# 2
O Pasatempos
# 3
Ryo Utasato
# 4
The Sign Of The Star
# 5
Ajde Jano
Top 40 Videos for April
Dimitris Mystakidis - Instrumental (Ego thelo prigipessa/O magas) & Tzemile - Dimitris Mystakidis
# 1
Instrumental (Ego the ...
Fado Lelé - Amor Limão
# 2
Amor Limão
Katerina Tsiridou - Arapina mou skertsoza
# 3
Arapina mou skertsoza
Mostar Sevdah Reunion - Mostar Sevdah Reunion - Laku Noc
# 4
Mostar Sevdah Reunion ...
KOMPANÍA - KOMPANÍA - Φελάχες γλυκιές - Felaches glykies (Sweet felahs)
# 5
"KOMPANÍA" - Φελάχες ...
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Future sound of the Underground vol4 out now featuring Celt Islam,Cheb Semnil and many more
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