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Influences: African , India , West European
Genres: fusion, world, jungle, drum and bass, tribal, rock, jazz, african,
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Photo by: Hjerlmuda
About: playing percussion in the Band "Los Multikultis"
Photo by: Hjerlmuda
About: Collection of my instruments
Photo by: Hjerlmuda
About: RockFire in the Jungle (new track from 2014/05/12)
Photo by: Hjerlmuda
About: My first Digital Album on the Web (BandCamp)
Photo by: Hjerlmuda
About: Tamasha
Having started off as a drummer in a 1960's PopRock Coverband, passing through the eXPerimental & psychedelic stages of music of the 1970s, arrived in the New Millennium as a percussionist in the Berlin Band "Los Multikultis", I now mainly produce WorldFusion music in my home studio in Berlin, currently collaborating with Msafiri Zawose from Tanzania