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Aug 2, 2015
Please support us HELLOO! We are participate in ArtistSignal Ranking Battle. You can vote once every hour. THANKS BY YOUR SUPPORT, HAVE A NICE DAY :) https://artistsignal.com/tsukiyoi
TSUKIYOI, LA RENCONTRE DU TRADITIONNEL ET DU CONTEMPORAIN TSUKIYOI will appear as guest at “2014 JAPAN EXPO”. Since its launch in France 15 years ago, Japan Expo has become one of the world’s largest celebrations of Japanese culture and entertainment. Japan Expo blends the very best of Japanese traditional culture with modern Pop sensations. Let’s all meet at JAPAN EXPO in ...

Live Digest Movie

Apr 11, 2013
Live Digest Movie   Here is our 1st full set stage. check this out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGgKjkFD2yg

Tsukiyoi News on official web

Apr 3, 2013
Tsukiyoi News on official web http://tsukiyoi.com/category/news


Feb 27, 2013
TSUKIYOI iBooks TSUKIYOIWORLD -  Lunar sound charmer “Until this moment, and in the future” All About 2011-2012 Tsukiyoi’s musics, cover arts, photos, messages and so on… download from  http://tsukiyoi.com/items/books   *apple iBooks format (for iPad)  
Photo by: TSUKIYOI
Photo by: TSUKIYOI
Photo by: TSUKIYOI
Photo by: TSUKIYOI
Photo by: TSUKIYOI
Photo by: TSUKIYOI
Tsukiyoi is spearheading the new genre of “NeoMystic J-Rock,” which entwines Japanese traditional, spiritual, and electronic music with rock. They approach their music as a 'distraction for creation,' leading the evolutionary future of Japanese rock in the 21st century. Their profound sound is enhanced by their vibrant stage show with Japanese traditional costumes and the world’s first electronic Asian zither called the “Electric Koto.” The modern Japanese traditional aesthetic of founder Tetsu Fujiki on keyboards and Kou Kakinokihara’s e-koto combined with their stunning stage show is a perfect combination of sound and style.

Tsukiyoi is a duo that formed in 2011. Their music combines electro-pop, tradition, and avant-garde. Kou actually plays the koto, and Tetsu creates various musical worlds. They debuted with “ROKUDAN,” an ambient arrangement of the 400-year-old koto song of the same name. The duo started featuring more songs with Kou’s vocals in 2012. 2013’s “AKAKU SAITE” was called a “very radical pop song” by England’s Electronic Sound magazine. “Transitory,” which is based on “IROHA UTA” (a traditional Japanese song structure), captures Japanese aesthetics and religion. It won second prize at a Dubstep Contest, sponsored by an American record label. In July 2014, Tsukiyoi played at “Japan Expo 15” in France where the crowd chanted for TSUKIYOI. After winning the Live Generation X grand prize, the duo is scheduled to play “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei” in Taiwan in September. Their full album, “Blue Moon,” is on sale now.

エレクトロポップと伝統・前衛が交差するサウンドユニット『月宵』。日本の伝統楽器、“箏”を自在に操るKouと、幅広い音楽世界を創造するTetsuにより2011年結成。400年前の箏曲「六段」をアンビエントにアレンジしたROKUDANがデビュー作。2012年よりKouのボーカルをフィーチャーした楽曲を続々発表。2013年発表の楽曲「赤く咲いて」は“超ラディカルなポップソング”と評され英国Electronic Sound誌に取り上げられたほか、「いろはうた」を題材に日本の美意識・宗教観を盛り込んだ楽曲『Transitory』は米MondoTunesレーベル主催Dubstep Contestで堂々二位受賞。都内ライブハウスでの活動から、丸の内インドイベント・ラオスフェス・ベトナムフェスといったアジア関連のステージ。2014年7月にはフランス「Japan Expo 15」に登場し現地にTSUKIYOIコールを起こす。9月に台湾「Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei」出演決定!!フルアルバム『Blue Moon』好評発売中。

Le groupe Tsukiyoi puise dans ses racines pour vous faire revivre l’âme du Japon, en mélangeant des sons traditionnels à un goût moderne.

Tsukiyoi est un duo constitué de Kou (joueuse professionnelle de koto, l’un des plus anciens instruments traditionnels japonais), et de Tetsu, créateur d’univers musicaux.

Kou joue du koto depuis l’âge de 5 ans, et du shamisen depuis ses 10 ans. Diplômée en 2006 de l’université de Tōkyō Geijutsu, elle s’est spécialisée dans la musique de koto de style Ikuta. Tetsu est quant à lui un musicien polyvalent qui maîtrise la musique occidentale et orientale (le violon, le piano, le chant nō, le shamisen…). Il a participé à la création de nombreux disques en tant qu’arrangeur ou directeur musical.
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