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Kalpana Patowary
Influence: India , Latin American
Genre: english
Influence: India , Asian
Genre: bhojpuri folk
Influence: India , Asian
Genre: folk blues
Influence: India , Asian
Genre: spiritual
SALAM | Kalpana Patowary (Eid Special 2016) On this auspicious occasion of Ramadan Eid, happy to present our first recorded piece from Music Box Studio, an Islamic devotional single – SALAM Let's forget all our animosities and forgive each other. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENGLISH LYRICS - Darood o Salaam: Ya Nabi salaam alaika Ya Rasool sa... more
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Kalpana Patowary takes Bhojpuri Folk Music forward.  “KHADI BIRHA” in Mtv@Coke Studio Season 4   It was a nifty Rajasthani folk fusion track that introduced us to a tall Assamese girl in a multi-coloured dress Kalpana Patowary, stood next to East India Company vocalist, Papon, and belted out Baisara Beera, a track with elements of Rajasthani maand with Assam’s Barpeta Holi that turned into a dance jam with its heady beats and harmonium interludes.   Unshackled by genr... more
Ms. Kalpana Patowary an Indian folk singer, has immensely contributed in 30 provincial vernaculars of over 8000 songs with her magnificent voice, such as Assamese, Brajawali, Bengali, Bodo, Deuri, Mising, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Maghi, Angika, Oriya,  Garo, Koch Rajbongshi, Tiwa, Kanadda, Telegu, Dongri, Marathi, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Hariyanvi, Arbi, Avadhi, Gujrati,... more
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