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Influence: Latin American
About "Sleepy Creek Samba"
Sleepy Creek Samba (named for Sleepy Creek Mountain in Morgan County, WV) is a bright and happy piece written for friends in Berkeley Springs and dedicated to the Morgan Arts Council.

This samba has an unusual structure. The theme is 18 bars. Importantly, the last 2 bars are intended to sound unresolved, with the ascending major 7th chords, and be a springboard for the soloist. Solos are based on this 18-bar form. After the solos and an ensemble soli (note its use of space), a second theme emerges. This theme has a 12-bar form, with two 6-bar phrases. It merges into 16 bars of the first theme. Finally, a short tag ending takes the tune out.

The mid-size ensemble score is for soloist, 5 horns, and rhythm section. The score uses flexible instrumentation. This enables the music to be played by many combinations of instruments.

Recorded by David Arivett.