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Influences: Mediterranean , Latin American
Genres: fado
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In-Fadus is one unique project in Portugal, where the 1st time Fado is play and sing w / unique characteristics.In-Fadus was created, designed to be played with the best Portuguese voices of Fado, as well as musicians who share this national project, making known to the world as the Fado can play from its origins, its mergers, to the contemporary ....And also the 1st time, In-Fadus integrates musicians and voices coming from other cultures, highlighting the choirs and their choreography, bringing cultural values ​​involved on stage ... .in each event.In-Fadus touches on unpublished scenarios where audiovisual production, proper lighting and business partnerships of "Haute Couture" represented by the / a singer in themes running during the performance, it adds.We have also integrated multimedia projections during the show.In-Fadus ....1 musical project to be shared with: professionals in the field of events, conferences, museums, fashion shows, openings / galleries, perfume launches and brands of cars, palaces, castles, public squares, among many others.

Thank you and best regards....bless you all.