Avra Banerjee
Influences: India , Asian , North American
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August 2023 #1 - Top 40 for India Influence Vrindavan Sojourn I Manoyatri (video)
August 2023 #1 - Top 40 for North American Influence SpainCover by Avra Banerjee & Tamal Halder (video)
August 2023 #3 - Top 40 for Asian Influence Chand Kahoon IRupankar Bagchi I Music:Avra Banerjee (video)
2 times in the Global Top 40
Avra Banerjee - Yamuna Yearnings I Manoyatri
Avra has over 15 years of Indian classical music training is a composer and plays the instrument sarod, specializing in World music. He has done successful collaborations with musicians across the USA, Europe, India and Australia. Avra has till date released 7 albums, received nominations at the biggest Indian music award GIMA in 2013 for best fusion music album and Independent Music Award, USA. Founder of two World music bands “Ragamorphism” at India and “SwaraSynthesis” at Australia, apart from performing he is responsible for music direction, composition and arrangement of the band tracks.

Avra says "Music is more an art for me than entertainment and hence I wanted to create something that would be intricate and musically challenging, at the same time quite contemplative to the listeners. Hence, the idea has developed to conceive a compilation of a few compositions those are based on unconventional rhythmic patterns with a common theme of acknowledging mother nature and its creators that straightaway touches your heart and your mind and trigger to attain a spiritual awakening."