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New Album 2015: The Gospel Balkanik

The Gospel Balkanik is a major project. Blending gospel, marching band, jazz, and inspired by traditional Balkan music, it recalls the great spaces built to open new perspectives. It is an invitation to homesickness guaranteed! More than just a concert, it's a show full of poetry... Rona Hartner, who was sometimes criticized for being noticed more for her sense of dance than her voice, finally gave us a beautiful demonstration of vocal power and creativity in composition. The group is a mixed and cosmopolitan ensemble of Balkan singers and musicians, bringing a real brass band scene to the creative game where two female voices, soprano and alto, a traditional Romani singer (crisp), and a brass band meld together. Onstage, they exude the joy of living, with warm voices and distinct timbres, which run through all the shades, from murmurs to improvised vocalizations. Their concert is designed to allow the public to participate, to witness, and share a hymn to love.

Cover Artwork by Paul Hitter
RELEASED ON April 8, 2015

The Gospel Balkanik

Location: France and Romania

At the same time, Rona Hartner, as an actress, plays in a vegetarian comedy... The movie is going out slowly but surely with conferences... discover "Des milliards de toi mon poussin." Rona Hartner was born in Bucharest on March 9, 1973. She is an actress and musician of German origin and Romanian Roma. The daughter of a design engineer and an economist, she has a sister and a brother.

She studied from 1979 to 1991 at the German school in Bucharest at the "Herman Oberth Institute."

From 1991 to 1992, she attended the School of Music "Titu Maiurescu" in Bucharest, and in 1992, she began courses at the Academy of Theatre and Film in Bucharest.

In 1996, she met with French director Tony Gatlif, who was looking for an actress for a film (Gadjo Dilo - Crazy Stranger) that was filming in Romania. She landed the role of the main actor and performer of songs in the film. This interpretation led to many awards, such as the Best Actress Bronze Leopard (special prize for interpretation) at the Locarno International Film Festival.

As an artist, she is oriented towards other areas, such as dancing, singing, voice, and instruments (guitar, saxophone, and piano). Rona Hartner speaks 7 languages: Romanian, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Romani. Over thirty films, so far, make up Rona Hartner's portfolio. She played in the co-Romania-France film Asphalt Tango (1996), directed by Nae Caranfil, and in the same year, she was cast in the film Gadjo Dilo, directed by Tony Gatlif, and was nominated for Césars, receiving seven awards in the category of Best Actress. At the same time, the country was involved in a scandal.

She went to France in 1997 and played in the neo-noir thriller directed by Nicolas Masson, then returned home and played regularly in Double Ecstasy (1998), directed by Iulian Mihu, followed by Vive la mariée... et la libération du Kurdistan (1998), the film Les Grands Enfants on TV, Doggy Bag (1999), Je suis né d'une cigogne (1999), Cours toujours (1999), Save Me (2000), Sexy Harem Ada-Kaleh (2001), Mischka (2002), a co-production France-Austria-Germany called Le Temps du Loup (2003), Le Divorce (2003), Maria (2003), Visions of Europe (2004), Housewarming (2005), Madame Irma (2006), A Cop (2007) - TV series, Baïnes (2008). In 2014, she got a starring role in the first vegetarian comedy: "Millions Like You, My Baby!
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