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Mosquera Celtic Band
About ""Xotas De Poio E Marreco""
Antonio Mosquera was an extraordinary and skillful bagpiper from Sada (A Coruña, Spain). He died from throat cancer. He loved the bagpipe so much that he played it up until his final days thanks to an electric compressor which inflated the bag for him. He had an interesting life: he migrated to the USA where he made a life for himself as a professional musician recording two albums and he even played for President Nixon. There wasn’t a Galician or Irish party in New York that his band wasn’t invited to play for… Before his death he went back to his homeland to be buried there.
This set consists of two traditional Galician melodies. I have the great honor of having collaborated with one of the best pipers ever: Hevia. His Asturian pipe is the counterpoint which fuses both songs, blending Asturian and Galician roots together. Both of them are well-known songs to which I devoted much time and love. Pancho contributes with his strings to the renewal of these old sounds.
To Antonio Mosquera and all those who paved the way.

- Fernando: Galician bagpipes, tin-whistles and bodhràn.
- José Ángel Hevia: Asturian bagpipes.
- Pancho Álvarez: acoustic guitar, mandoline, viola caipira brasileira, electric bass and Galician tambourine.

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