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Mosquera Celtic Band
About ""A Catedral De Pedra""
A pitch black night of the Friday 23 January, at 8:00 pm. o’clock. We leave that black night to enter the darkness of the Santiago el Mayor Church, in Toledo. We have exclusive access to record our piece. We are privileged men…
The sound of our footsteps bounce off the stones, a deafening sound when mixed only with the light of the candles lit by the faithful churchgoers. All the legends we have heard about the city of Toledo as children come to mind as we head towards the altar. The darkness makes this little Mudejar church seem even larger.
Immediately the bagpipes adapt to the inside temperature. The organ echoes along with the Galician, Scottish and Irish bagpipes. Its age-old sound is at ease in this medieval atmosphere, as if it has been created to echo between its columns. The wearing away of these stones is the only silent witness of the resonance throughout the centuries, brought back to life in my bagpipes.

- Jesús Alberto: cathedral organs “Burea” and “Strand”.
- Fernando: Galician bagpipes, great highland bagpipes, uilleann pipes concert pitch and programming.

·Mosquera Celtic Band· is a Spanish band specialized in Galician Folk/Pop. Its Director, the bagpiper Fernando Mosquera, is a well-known celtic multi-instrumentalist in Spain and he can play nearly 50 different instruments. He's the creator of the whole repertoire of the 'Celtic Band', lyrics included in Galician, English and Spanish language.

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