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Things have developed quickly for Kolonien.

The band started in 2010 when violinist Anna Möller joined the trio of the two brothers Arvid and Erik Rask and Mischa Grind, adding the final voice to Kolonien's characteristic four-part vocals.

The first year, the band was invited to play abroad in Tanzania and Israel/Palestine, where they found inspiration and time to complete their sound, mixing folk music with pop and reggae grooves. Music that enters the twentieth century but still stays true to the roots.

This started to give Kolonien attention from audiences in Sweden, and in 2011 they were awarded "Best Young Folk Act." Upon that, they released their debut album "Clockwise" in 2012, followed by a wide tour throughout Sweden and a few concerts in Croatia and Cyprus.

This established Kolonien as one of the more prominent new acts in the folk music scene, and they were awarded "Best Upcoming Act of the Year" at Folk- & Världsmusikgalan 2013, Sweden.

Later that year, they released the first half of their second album - a five-track strong EP named "Sammanhang." A well-reviewed story of hope and a brighter future that Kolonien wishes to be a part of shaping.

Looking back, Kolonien has since the start given more than 200 concerts in seven countries, through which they've earned a dedicated and varied audience.


Kolonien - powerful world music with pop and reggae influences.

"A playful synthesis of traditional and contemporary expressions. Impressive musical skill and creativity make Kolonien a great music experience - straightforward and clear as a bell." - Årets Unga Folkmusikband, 2011

"Kolonien creates their own world on the folk music map. A rich world of now and then, of playfulness and seriousness. Kolonien broke through this year and wants to do more with their music than just telling a story. This group has an opinion." - Folk- och Världsmusikgalan 2013
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