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Influences: North American , India
Genres: instrumental, guitar, ambient, experimental, soundscape
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by Iyari
Photo by: Iyari
About: Iyari
Iyari is the instrumental guitar project by Josep Mateo, a member of Kartar Atma and Silveryarn apart from others
alone as Soundreamer Days and Leth. A search with the main intention to create anown atmosphere
using improvisation, where each song leads to another and build a universe of sounds that
flow from the guitar and their effects knowing where it begins but never where they will end. 
In 2016 took the name and form of the Iyari project recording his first album "Sura" in June, with 10 songs based
completely in the improvisation and using the guitar and its effects to draw great sonic landscapes full of
beauty, melancholy and introspection. 
In October of the same year arrives "Sons of Tardor" a continuation that deepens in the ways of "Sura" bringing us
eigth new improvised songs that consolidate his ownand unmistakable sound.