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Zaina Juliette
United States
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Photo by: Zaina Juliette
About: Dream of Love CD Cover
Zaina choreographed and scripted her live shows with messages of Girl Power, Tranquility, and Love. The exhibition is entitled "The Awakening" about Zaina, Entertainer Extraordinaire.

Zaina Juliette has been producing and directing full productions starting at the tender age of 11 years old.

Zaina has won over 200 awards as a director, producing and performing in astonishing live shows for many celebrities and her pristine engagements from Theatrical Productions to live musical concerts and shows for all ages.

Zaina Juliette has been into singing, dancing, and acting on stage and in front of the camera since the age of 5 and performing non-stop all of her life. Zaina has an impressive resume. As a dancer, Zaina had all the moves at the early age of 4 when she fell in love with the art of ballet and from there sought out and mastered all forms of dance. Zaina, a true visionary from birth, became a published writer at the early age of 7 and by 11, Zaina commenced to edify drama and dance. It was during that time she was offered the opportunity to write and produce her own TV show. Zaina's school became a TV film set for an entire year as she directed and produced a children's show.

Throughout her life, Zaina has worked with some of the most sizably voluminous names in show business. Now it's Zaina's time. Zaina went on to Jr. High school where she perpetuated working as a student director, singer, dancer, and actress; she has traveled the US with award-winning performances in outstanding theatrical engagements throughout her youth.

Zaina possesses an innate gift and ear for music and is astounding to work with in the recording studio. Once the music is complete, "isolated in her zone," Zaina writes, arranges, and sings all lead and background vocals. In less than 4 hours, she will walk out of the studio with a complete musical composition ready to be mixed. Zaina's aptitudes in the studio extend to her faculty to co-produce and work with any of the latest recording/engineering programs today.

Zaina Juliette truly puts on a SHOW! When you see her on stage, you will see why many people say that she is an old soul born in the right era. With her angelic voice on the microphone and a spirit full of zeal for music and entertaining, Zaina pours out of her soul a dynamic and awe-inspiring LIVE show.

The press has labeled her a POTENT performer with a true knowledge of the music industry. Zaina as an artist insists on a total production for her exhibition. She opts to fully stage and choreograph each show that consists of dancers and globally prominent musicians whose synergy of excruciating energy is simply magical: The performance will take you back and move you forward. When you experience Zaina Juliette's Show, you will see why this act is on the threshold of stardom.

Who is Zaina Juliette? Brace yourselves. ZTRAXX Presents Winner of ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR, The Verge Award (BMA Awards), and Best Rock Artist and Entertainer (Rock & Soul Awards). We are excited to announce the signing of Zaina Juliette, Phantom Records' Fierce New Female Artist, to our Phantom family. Zaina Juliette is prominent in the industry for her astonishing live performances and impeccable stage presence. Zaina Juliette has all of the components of an astounding artist from her work ethic to her creativity, and we had to jump at the opportunity to join forces with this incredible recording artist. (ZainaJuliette.com) This April 2016 was the release of Zaina Juliette's NEW SULTRY Powerful Singles everyone is raving about – "Warrior," The new movement. (Girl Power Movement)


The CD is available on iTunes, Amazon, and most digital stores.

Zaina Juliette and her band The Z-Funk Tribe have made a powerful impact in the musical world. Zaina has performed at many events and great venues such as The Cashman Center Las Vegas and The House of Blues in Hollywood in front of the Film and Music Industry. Artists such as Stevie Wonder come to see Zaina Juliette's live performances to give their blessing and express the love of her voice, showmanship, and energy.

Zaina Juliette

The Empress of Funk Rock, Soul & Dance. Zaina Juliette is more than a Triple Threat: Exceptional Recording Artist, Dynamic Live Performer, Compelling Actress, and Outstanding Dancer.

The press has compared Zaina to Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, James Brown, Bruno Mars, Terence Trent D'Arby, Janis Joplin, and Betty Davis (Miles Davis' wife); she is definitely "an up-and-coming legend on the elevate." Zaina Juliette has an astonishing Band, "The Z-Funk Tribe," that consists of 2 lead guitarists, one of which also plays keys, a dynamic drummer, a bass guitarist, 2 dancers, 3 backup singers, and a Dance DJ that performs a spectacular light show. All the musicians are also classically trained and chose music as their main academic.

Zaina Juliette launched a Record Label/Entertainment company "ZTraxx Music."

Zaina Juliette's new Single "Warrior," The Movement, will be released at the end of March Worldwide on Phantom Records.

Currently, Zaina has 3 Singles – "Real Love," "Warrior," and "Power" – released in Europe and the USA and rising on some charts in several countries. "Real Love" is also number 1 on the Pop Charts on RadioSubmit.com. "Real Love" and "Power" can also be found at BeatPort, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Phonofile, YouTube, KK Box, Oneweb, br.redmp3.cc, HMV Digital, BeatPortCharts.com, RadioSubmit.com, djshop.de.

Zaina was featured in several magazines such as Black Music, BMA, Women in Music, One West Magazine, Las Vegas Sun, Miroglyphics Magazine, BRE Magazine, Vegas Talent Magazine, CashBox Magazine Music Charts (Hit Em Hard #10).

Zaina Juliette held the top rankings on social media music sites such as ReverbNation, at one time being number 1 locally, Nationally, and Globally. Spotify, MTV.com, VEVO, MUZU, and Twitter during a live interview with Twitter fans sponsored by Spotlight Media and Vibe.

Zaina recently had several radio interviews and shows such as One West Radio, Show Stoppers, Jazz Gumbo. Zaina also hosted a Radio show with Commander Garrett in Las Vegas for 3 months and was a featured Artist.

Zaina gained several licensing deals from Midem Music Festival in France.

Cashman Center Theater Performance 2013-2015: Zaina was the highlight of The BMA Awards 3 years in a row. Zaina also won Entertainer of the Year twice, The Verge Award, Best Rock Performer. Advertised on 88.1 FM Motown Gordy Presents with the Gordy family in Las Vegas: Zaina Juliette was the headliner. Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood: 4 dates in Hollywood. Zaina Juliette performed in front of a packed house with celebrity guests. House of Blues in Hollywood: Zaina performed in front of an all-music industry crowd. Celebrities and Film Executives such as Stevie Wonder and Executives from ABC, Paramount, and Lions Gate Films came to see Zaina as her special guest. Zaina Juliette created a musical Docu-Film entitled "Hit Em Hard, The Story of Zaina Juliette." Now on Amazon. This film was based on a song Zaina wrote called "Hit Em Hard." Zaina is also a writer, director, editor, and filmmaker and has created her own music videos and promos. Zaina performed at several Movie Premieres in front of thousands. Celebrity Center in Hollywood: Zaina Juliette packed the theater with a pre-tour performance. Black Cinema Society: Zaina Juliette, along with HB Barnum's all-star band and her 28 dancers, was the headliner at an all-Celebrity Award Show with some of the top celebrities in Hollywood. The show was electrifying!

Zaina Juliette went to Tennessee and was featured on the local ABC news for performing at a local stage, and the city many people came out to see her when the word got out. Zaina was then approached by a concert promoter and had her own show set up at a small arena where she sold out 5000 tickets and used a local band for her backup band. The show was a great success. Zaina also won many Awards as an entertainer and singer in many talent shows and musical events such as The Celebrity Golf Tournament Music Competition in Beverly Hills, BRE, many Music Competitions. Before Zaina Juliette became a solo artist, she was in a female group which released 3 CDs and with that Zaina Juliette was approached to work with many artists such as Michael Jackson, Little Richard "On Top of Spaghetti" for Disney, live shows and music videos, Bell Biv DeVoe, MC Hammer, Corey Hart, Bed and Breakfast from Germany where Zaina Juliette was named Germany's Dream Girl in several magazine publications. Zaina did shows at The Sports Arena and a Club called Glam Slam which was owned by Prince in Los Angeles. Zaina also toured outside the USA. Zaina also appeared in many TV shows and film projects. And has competed and performed in many theatrical and music competitions throughout her life. Zaina
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