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About ""Heart Shaped Stones" By Kingwasabe"
This is a debut recording of an earlier published composition, an original song however the guitar utilized is a recently "Modded" Telecaster-Thinline Guitar. The track is influence by Celtic and North "Americian" Rock evolution. So it's a contribution to that process that I hold as I am bound by the soul of it. My continued aspiration is reaching for symphonic sounds from my instrument and this recording is actual, a real time performance that require only a simple PA, instrument, and perhaps a voice. So these are performance designed pieces of music. In the instrument modifications, I select certain completely natural mathematical algorithms discovered in nature and apply those within very simple electronics. So, the sounds from the instruments are as pure without added stomp boxes or digital or midi effects. The world of Analogue vs Digital. So the recordings are analogue signals so that the number of sampling generations is reduced when converted to digital. You're listening to the absolute minimal of no more than a 2X factor signal depletion due to the digital conversion necessary for Web- publishing if you're streaming this source. I produce and offer analogue recordings with ZERO generation digital conversion depletion, available at The challenge is to get the desired sounds converted digitally without adding artifacts. This recording is a single take dual track mixed and mastered into stereo by very modest means with only a touch of reverberation for vocals in order to simulate a natural ambience. The creative reach or goal here, is to achieve "Drone" tones as carrier waves of sound for the tune and song to ride upon. This allows shifts with offset cadence in the Vocals without artificial means or devices other than microphone and electronic pickups on the guitar. Recorded off my I-phone during a blackout, just to see if I could pull that off. Comments welcome and all inquires invited and answered.

Singer songwriter, Composer, Dance Choreographer, Music Producer (by modest means). I traverse the world and self-immerse in the origins and traditions of rhythm & dance. Concert cellist at age 10, and now I'm all over the place because of life long passion to keep learning about musical expressions of the soul humanity and evolve and contribute to Music/ Art History. When I pass the portal ... more
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