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Jeremy Davis
January 01/31/17, 2017
Jeremy D. Simmons Shares the Tasty \

Jeremy D. Simmons possesses the perfect vocals for the Americana – Alt-Country world, with boomy vocals that hold a substantial mid range bravado to peak at the top of each composition. On his recent release “Pie in the Sky” we hear the artist making a name of himself in every song. Standout songs such as lead single “24/7 OTC,” and “Cash Cow,” show the diversity in this record,which follow him throughout the release.

The arpeggiated patterns create an interesting contrast between the full-fledged chords and the picking configurations through Simmon’s masterful songwriting capabilities. The classic Rhodes and Mark 1-sounding piano was a throwback tonal capacity that was an endearing quality to “Pie in the Sky” as well.


Music heads are already pleased with the dedication Simmons has put forth to bring about traditional panaches of music and creating a conscious flow of sound that will pave the way for a collection of enthusiasts resonating brilliance through their melodies...and we can't wait to hear what he has to offer up next.


Find Jeremy D. Simmons via his website at:


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