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October 2023 #7 - Top 40 for Gypsy Influence Sîrba De Concert (track)
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Emilia Kirova from Bulgaria is a singer and violinist; she sings passionate gypsy songs from Eastern Europe. Tzigani plays virtuoso gypsy music from the Balkans, Hungary, and Russia. The CD "Budapest," recorded with the cooperation of local Hungarian gypsy musicians, was the start of their collaboration. Since then, Emilia Kirova and Tzigani have played together on international stages with great success.

The repertoire includes both original compositions and traditional gypsy music. Melodies from films by Emir Kusturica and Tony Gatlif are played, as well as Goran Bregović's repertoire.

Emilia Kirova sings her heart out and takes her audience to this very special world. As a violinist, as a vocalist, and as a composer, she has won several prizes, including the "Golden Orpheus" International Competition of pop songs and vocalists.

There is also a lot of instrumental input from the musicians, all without exception virtuosos on their instruments.

In the first place, Pál Szomora from Budapest, the violinist-orchestral leader. At the age of six, Pál was already on stage as a soloist with a thirty-piece gypsy orchestra behind him, making several world tours. He comes from a family of gypsy musicians who have passed on the violin tradition from father to son for generations. A beautiful violin sound and virtuosity determine his violin playing.

On accordion, Sven Van De Voorde, winner of several international music competitions. Sven is extremely versatile and studied both jazz and classical. He holds a master's degree in both clarinet and accordion and has toured Europe, China, and Japan with the Finnish Lahti Symphony Orchestra.

Laci Rácz represents the eighth generation of the legendary Rácz family of musicians from Budapest. With classical training as a foundation, he became a soloist with the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra, also known as the "Orchestra of the 100 Gypsies." He also played with other famous gypsy orchestras, including the orchestra of Roby Lakatos.

Miroslav Pokuta from Slovakia learned to play the guitar with his father and often plays with big names such as László Oláh, Géza Hosszú Legocky, Sándor Járóka, Roby Lakatos, and Sándor Urmös, who appreciate him enormously because, as an accompanist, he is a tower of strength.

Herman De Rycke combined a successful career as a bass guitarist in pop music (winner of Humo's Rock Rally in 1986) with studies in the double bass (both classical and jazz). He then devoted himself with passion to Gypsy and Eastern European music, which has since become his specialty. He also sings the backing vocals.

Tzigani & Emilia Kirova play concerts and festivals, bringing this slightly underrated genre of music to the attention of the general public.
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