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Integrated Roots Band
Influences: Asian , African , North American
Genres: world, afro pop, afro-beat
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About: Moses Beyeeman; The Global Citizen!
About: Moses Beyeeman; The Global Citizen!
About: Moses Beyeeman; The Global Citizen!
About: Integrated Roots Band
About: Integrated Roots Band
Integrated Roots Band is a Chamber Ensemble of young musicians; versed and committed to creating authentic repertory designed with beauty and good vibration. Formed in 1998, Integrated Roots Band believes that exceptional compositions are the outcome of calculation and conscious invention balanced with inspiration spontaneity.

Here, the most difficult challenges are being mastered with enormous free play of the imagination.Orchestrating diverse elements together into space-time continuity; projecting sounds even radom ones and any compositional rhetoric into a pleasing construction, because we understand that, it isn't the notes that make music (that is just noise) rather, it is the spaces between the notes that matters.

Traditional acoustic instruments are well integrated into our music.The instruments chase each other at high speed and head to head interplay.The rhythms are strong enough to stimulate the spine.Xylophones breathe melody, while drums and percussive treats back-up the intensity.

There is also a solid beat and brassy arrangement with tricky relays.It can surge with wild force of raging horns and break neck solo runs.Sweetening effects such as strings and multiple vocal harmonies creates a plush sophisticated atmosphere.A vibrant voice expresses the music and makes it sparkle invitingly.Arguably the most lively and original voices far and wide.Sung straight from the heart and speaks irresistibly to the ears.

Even the unprepared listener can penetrate at first to what is actually going on despite the multiple intellectual levels and complexity.

The scope of this project is enormous with a mix of songs to please the purist as well as the populist.