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Luis Gimenez Amoros
Influences: Mediterranean , Asian , North African
Genres: north african, mediterranean, spanish, latin, african, jazz, egyptian, asian, chinese, arab
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3 times in the Global Top 40
February 2023 #29 - Global Top 40 Desfilando Al Infinito (track)
January 2023 #6 - Global Top 40 Desfilando Al Infinito (track)
December 2022 #5 - Global Top 40 Desfilando Al Infinito (track)
3 times in the Global Top 40
About: The Unknown Spanish Levant (Egypt) Vol. 2
About: Luis Gimenez Amoros
About: Middle Passage (2019)
About: Pagoda session (2020)
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The Valencian artist combines the music from the Spanish Levant and its historical/cultural circulation with certain regions from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America where Luis has resided as ethnomusicology lecturer at universities/composer during the last two decades.

During his artistic career, Luis has rleased sixteen solo albums and multiple collaboration within the World Music industry such as Mariem Hassan/Western Sahara, Mazaher and the Zar group of Abu Gheit in Egypt, Ahmed Muktar/Iraq, Du Jiazen/ China, Hope Masike/Zimbabwe, Ramata Diakite/ Mali, Sol denverano and grupo Sikisiri/ Mexico or Madosini/
South Africa among others.

Thanks to his Mellon Foundation and Instituto Valenciano del cultural awards, Luis has published the 'Middle Passage' trilogy (recorded in Malaysia, South Africa and Spain from 2019-2020) and a tetralogy entitled 'the unknown Spanish levant'(recorded in Mexico, Egypt and Spain from 2021-2022) performing in the mentioned
countries and an international six months tour in 2022.

During 2023/2024, Luis is launching the tetralogy 'the unknown Spanish levant' with a nomad quartet (group members depend on the continent) and two workshops entitled 'the unknown Spanish levant' and 'Africa: north to south' at Universities and cultural centers.

"Luis reflects the transoceanic circulation of Hispanic music with the African and Asian continent" World Music Central