Beyond Borders Band
Influences: North African , North American
Genres: oriental jazz and rock, contemporary, oriental, jazz, oriental jazz
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About: BBBand Tour 2018&19
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About: BBBand live
About: BBBand live
About: BBBand live

Beyond Borders – overcoming all obstacles

Crossing borders requires courage, creativity and openness for a new form of social and musical composition. The six members of the Beyond Borders Band are united in the dream to overcome those borders. They break up cultural boundaries, surpass geographical barriers and social and political stereotypes in order to connect the arabic and the western world. These characteristics lead to their self-composed, original music. Sensually ambitious and fully intoxicating, this unique sound makes the young group stick out among the contemporary musical collectives combining Orient and Occident.

Fadhel Boubaker – Oud

Niko Seibold – Saxophone

Jonathan Sell – Double Bass

Dominik Fürstberger - Drumset