A Platform for Ethnically and Culturally Inspired Music
Tsooboi Ensemble
Tsooboi Ensemble
Genre: world music, folk music, cultural music, ethno, fusion, african drumming, traditional, jazz, afro folk, folk
Integrated Roots Band
Integrated Roots Band
Genre: cultural exchange, afro pop, ethno-fusion, hi-life, world music, international music, world beat fusion, world beat, global music, afrobeat
Ghanaian Musical Instruments Akan drums are used in the Ashanti, Fante and Akyim/Akim Tribes of Central and Southern Ghana. The different families of drums are named after their dances. Adowa and Fontomfrom share mostly the same drums as do Asaadua and Sikyi. In West Africa; drums are not normally played on their own, but as part of an ensemble or a grroup, with particul...
Ghanaian Musical Instruments Ghanaian Musical Instruments can be said to emanate from the various tribal groupings in Ghana. Every tribe in Ghana from North to South, East to West can boast of a peculiar instrument to their name. Today, i will begin with the various popular drums emanting from the Ewe tribe of Ghana. The Ewe tribe are from South East Ghana. (Volta Regio...
About: CEO of Integrated Music
About: CEO of Integrated Music
About: CEO of Integrated Music
About: CEO of Integrated Music
About: CEO of Integrated Music
About: CEO of Integrated Music
Integrated Music Company Limited is a music solutions business. We serve to enable and support the creation of music and musical products such as records, videos, concerts, and published musical works for the commercial exploitation of the copyrights embodied in these products.

The key roles we perform as a music company can be categorized into:
Investment, Development, Marketing, and Commercialization.

In investment, we serve as venture capital for artists.

In development, we nurture creativity.
Our Artist & Repertoire (A&R) expertise provides creative and logistical support.

In marketing, our marketing expertise augments the plans of artists and their managers.
Integrated Music Company Limited has networks of contacts and routinely opens important doors.
We allocate and commit marketing spend to artists' campaigns.

On the commercial front;
Our entire organization is optimized to make artists make money.
We identify opportunities and strike commercial deals with brands, retail, and service partners that extend an artist's route to market.

We hope to grow and become one of the major record companies in world music.

Having most of the services required to turn a song into a mass-marketable item existing within the structure of the company itself.

Our business lines
(Innovation Focused)

Artist and Repertoire (A&R) Production
Artist Management
Live Production

We are creating the necessary asset base and financial security typical of major record companies and thereby offer a stable environment to the shareholders.

To proactively grow and diversify with a clear vision to provide enhanced shareholder value in an ethical, professional, and profitable manner.

We aim to be proactive and innovative.
We will harness the best technologies and practices so as to stay relevant, efficient, and competitive.

We shall be honest and morally courageous in carrying out our duties and be fair and above board in all our business dealings and relationships.

To our employees:
We are committed to just management and equality of all.
Providing a safe and healthy workplace and respecting the feelings of the individual,
i.e., his dignity and self-worth, his time and effort, and his need to balance work and family life.

To our clients:
We are committed to producing reliable products and services at a fair price that are delivered on time and within budget.

We shall strive to serve you completely, courteously, and efficiently.
We shall persevere to excel in all areas of our work through continual learning and a positive work attitude.

To the community:
(In which we live and work)
We are committed to being responsible neighbors, reflecting all aspects of good citizenship.

To our shareholders:
We are committed to pursuing sound growth and exercising prudence in the use of our assets and resources.
We value teamwork, harmony, and unity in our working relationships;
And shall do our work with steadfastness and consideration for our colleagues and clients.

The label was founded in October 2008.

Current Acts:

Tsooboi Ensemble/Alex Mensah aka Kofi Tsooboi & Integrated Roots Band/Moses Beyeeman aka Mosiah.
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