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September 09/09/14, 2014
Ghanaian Musical Instruments

Ghanaian Musical Instruments can be said to emanate from the various tribal groupings in Ghana.

Every tribe in Ghana from North to South, East to West can boast of a peculiar instrument to their name.

Today, i will begin with the various popular drums emanting from the Ewe tribe of Ghana.

The Ewe tribe are from South East Ghana. (Volta Region). The different families of drums are named after their dances.
The dances are divided into two, the Southern Ewe: Agbadza, Gahu, Kinka, Atsiagbekor;
Southern Ewe drums: Atsimevu, Sogo, Gbogba, Kidi, Kroboto and Kagan.

And the Northern Ewe: Gbolo and Boborbor.
Northern Ewe plays the rhythms: Gbolo and Boborbor with the drums: Vuga, Vuvi and Assivui.

The joy on achieving Independence in Ghana was expressed in various ways by the entire populace of the coountry. This "new life" envisaged, resulted in the emergence of several new musical types. These new creations relating to the "freedom" to be enjoyed through the independence have roots in the popular Ghanaian Highlife.

Boborbor is one of such musical creations of the period 1947-1957. Also known as Abeyeye or Akpese; Boborbor originated from Kpando in the Volta Region of Ghana through the ingenuity of the late Francis Cudjoe Nuatro popularly called F.C. Boborbor is presently the most popular social music and dance of the Central and Northern Ewes of Ghana and Togo. Itis generally performed at funerals and other social ocassions.

Boborbor music and dance ceremony is syncretic in character and it is performed principally in a circular formation.

Ewe Boborbor Set:

Lead Drums, 3x Vuga, Vuvi and Assivui Support Drums, 2x Kretsiwa(Pod Bells), 2x Kaye(Straw Rattle).

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