Ssewa Ssewa
Influences: African
Genres: world, folk, folk and world, rootsworld, world/roots, afro-house, fusion
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15 times in the Global Top 40
October 2022 #35 - Global Top 40 Akabengeya (track)
September 2022 #24 - Global Top 40 Ssewa Ssewa & Giovanni Ekibbobo (video)
June 2022 #24 - Global Top 40 Akabengeya (track)
14 times in the Global Top 40
Photo by: Ssewa Ssewa
About: Ssewa Ssewa Instruments
Ssewakiryanga James Also known as Ssewa Ssewa is a folk,Roots and World music artist,Inventor of Janzi (Instrument) and Founder of Janzi (Band) from Uganda East Africa. Ssewa Ssewa leads his audience into the enticing and soulful Uganda/African music cultures with traditional instruments,songs and stories from his homeland, weaving these traditions with a modern and global sounds. Ssewa Ssewa is a Ugandan Born world and folk music artist,music instruments inventor and innovator. Multi-instrumentalist,Mentor,Teacher/instructor of Ugandan music and Culture,music composer,story teller and founder/Director of Janz (Band).

Ssewa Ssewa's performances feature an array of instruments cluding: Janzi, Endongo (Bow Lyre), Adungu ) Ugandan Harp), Endingidi (Tube Fiddle), Akogo (Thumbpiano), Amadinda (Xylophones), Engoma (Ugandan Drums), As well as other African instuments like Mbira for Zimbabwe, Ngonii, Djembe fromWest Africa and Conga Drums