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Telmo Anum
Telmo Anum
Genre: maracatu, brazilian, ciranda, pop, electronic, coco, baião
Erici Music is an independent record label based in Sweden. On the 15th of November, we released Telmo Anum's album New Beat exclusively on iTunes. The album was recorded in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and Brazil from 2010 to 2012 and mixes regional styles from Northeastern Brazil with Funk, Hip Hop, and Electronica. New streaming services are great but give a poor return for independent artists. iTunes is one of the few music providers that still honor the hard work behind independent albums, and we believe this is the way to go!

Erici Production works with concert and tour arrangements. Recent projects include Encontro (2013) - a collaboration project with Swedish Nyckelharpa player Emilia Amper and Argentinian flutist Ezequiel Cortabarría Salgueiro. Stagnelius In Concert tour (2013) - a choral project based on Swedish national poet Erik Johan Stagnelius. Amazonia Wildwood Stories - a collaboration project with New Zealand guitarist Julie Bevan and Brazilian poet Marcia Theophilo. Brasilicum (2008-2010) - an international concept launched in Brazil in 2008, Sweden in 2009, and New Zealand in 2010. Brasilicum features artists from Brazil, Australia, Sweden, and New Zealand. The album was released in Japan by Diskunion and W.O.A International in India. In 2010, Erici Production arranged a Swedish visit with Japanese singer Chie Umezawa. Jazz på Öländska (2003) - an album with traditional songs from Öland, Sweden, performed by Trio Erici.
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