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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Scandinavian , North American , Oceanian
Genres: native, sami, kven, norse
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From time to time we receive appraisal form different magazines, tha latest from the online artmagazine . Making the music we make that crosses the borderlines between world music, contemporary music and performance it is good to receive reviews also from the artmilieu. more
Photo by: Bålfolket
About: Into the dreaming- Out of the box Cover
Photo by: Bålfolket
About: Anita
Photo by: Bålfolket
About: Kyrre
Photo by: Bålfolket
About: Bobby
Photo by: Bålfolket
About: LeNa
Bålfolket Sound and Healing: LeNa Paalviig-Johnsen, lives in Vesterålen, Northern Norway, Plays frame drum, percussion and eminates Sound in Baalfolket Sound and Healing. Shares, lectures Sound healing, Voicing and meditation and Numerology. She also have a line of specially designed Magnetic KRAFT Jewellery. Bobby D. Kure lives in Vesterålen. He plays the didjeridoo, and gives Voice and sound to Bålfolket. Shares and gives lectures in Magic, transformation and Conciousness. (simular to Matrix Energetics) He also works with Zonetherapy. As CoCreator, Bobby is Bålfolkets graphic designer, creating our website, layouts, posters cd covers e.t.c.. Anita Dreyer lives in Senja. She gives sound to Bålfolket throuh drum, voice and percussion. In 2014 she finished her yoga-education in India. Shamanism and nature is the way she walks. Neweat member in Our tribe: Kyrre Gram Franck aka White Cougar lives in Tromsø. He plays flute, drum and percussion. He also makes sound through Chanting (ala joik) and throatsinging. Kyrre is cofounder of The World Drum Project and founder and vision keeper of Shamanic Association in Norway.

Currently unsigned but releasing on their own label.