Darshan Atmosphere
Influences: India , Middle Eastern
Genres: ambient, soundscape, healing, atmospheric, fusion, 432hz, relax, flow, ethnic,
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Photo by: Darshan Atmosphere
About: Darshan Atmosphere- Spirit Voyage
Photo by: Darshan Atmosphere
About: Darshan Atmosphere
"Darshan Atmosphere" is a new Ambient project of Tikki Masala.The music are creative expressions of flowing inspiration translated into music,as paintings with sounds, drawn on canvas of silence.In Sanskrit "Darshan" means receiving visions, blessings or glimpses of a divine form or image,a Guru, God, or perception of ultimate truth.

The First album of "Darshan Atmosphere" - Darshan Soundscape is out now and available on Bandcampopen up for receiving a deep relaxation a dream state and moments of peace and healing.Allow yourself to dive deep into yourself through the music.

Recordings of friends, concerts and jam sessions made while traveling,are used in combination with pads, strings, nature sounds, and synthesizers to get a organic electronic, instrumental feel.Now back in Europe the final touch is done and ready to send back into the universe.The music flowed trough as visions, translated into soundscapes, and are now ready to share.May the music touch u on a deep level and inspire you on your journey.Stimulate you for opening up to visions of truth, and receive Darshan trough the atmospheres of sound.The sounds are promoting relaxation, meditation, Doing creative work, yoga, dreaming away, massage, Dance, Sleep, driving car ...The music is on 432 hz frequency, the divine frequency that resonates to the universe, promotes relaxation, healing and peace.Enjoy the Darshan Atmospheres.Love light