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A&O NEWS 2014

Mar 12, 2014
A&O NEWS 2014 It's not a re-issue, it's not a re-press, it's not a compilation: it is 'The Half That's Never Been Told', an unreleased Alpha And Omega LP produced between 1989 and 1995 Order Now: Steppas Records have a limited number of copies available of 'The Half That's Never Been Told' album, shipping Monday 17th March 2014. Official release date 31st M...
Latest Alpha And Omega Releases 2013   Out Now! Alpha And Omega remix the great OM. Gethsemane Dubplate 12" out now on Drag City Records Out Now! Alpha And Omega remix the great OM. Addis Dubplate 12" Single out now on Drag City Records Out Now! A&O + Alpha Steppa present the Unrelenting Force of Dub Dynasty LP/CD/Downloads Out Now! A&O + Alpha Steppa fea...
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Alpha and Omega, UK dub pioneers since 1990, Alpha and Omega (Christine & John), have created a style of dub that is uniquely British. While they were initially influenced by original dub recordings by Lee "Scratch" Perry, Yabby U, and Augustus Pablo, and also inspired by UK artists such as Mad Professor, Blackbeard, and Jah Shaka, A&O continued to evolve their own sound described as “A truly original and spiritual dub sound. Organic and electronic. Strong yet meditative. Listening to A&O is an almost religious experience. Scrub that, it is a religious experience,” says Nicky General.

Alpha and Omega were picked up early on by Greensleeves Records, who acted as a parent company to the duo’s A&O label, releasing their early vinyl albums on CD and really helping A&O to get their music distributed. A&O have worked with many artists and singers since then, often introducing new singers from all over the world and collaborating with some of the best UK dub artists, including Dub Judah, Disciples, and Jonah Dan, but also working with reggae greats such as Gregory Isaacs.

Using the internet from the very beginning, A&O collaborate with people from all over the world, putting up vocals and music on their website to encourage people to do their own remixes and original music. A&O have always been interested in collaborating with other artists from various music genres, remixing Bomb The Bass, Baxter, and most recently OM. With very little resources, A&O have managed to continue to evolve and release new music; their last full album, Blessed Are The Poor, is a showcase with Italian singer Dan I.

A&O's latest project is Dub Dynasty, a new name for a collaboration between A&O (dad and aunt!) and Alpha Steppa (son and nephew!). Dub Dynasty has a new name as the sound is unique; it sounds a bit like A&O but has the great modern sound of Alpha Steppa. The first Dub Dynasty album, Unrelenting Force, is out very soon (Feb 2013) on Steppas Records (accompanied by a 10” single); it features vocalists from as far afield as Ireland and Korea.

Here are some quotes about A&O:
"Enter a path few can follow, but many can appreciate. A studio or sound's dub-plates are like a Shaolin monk's sacred teachings. London-based Alpha & Omega take us into their world of mesmerizing roots and divulge their exclusive 'specials'." - Muzik
"Through minimal manipulation, Alpha and Omega deliver the listener to a place of great sonic peace." - Option magazine
"The compelling presences at the heart of these airy sonic worlds have a harder edge than some of their ancestors.” - The Wire
"Massively thunderous bass lines, galloping drum tracks, and a willingness to tastefully adorn dubs with digital flutes and various electronic-sounding washes." - Pulse

Here are some quotes about Dub Dynasty:
“Global rootical power” - Mixmag
“Obliteratingly heavy bass” - Q Magazine
“Deep, dark rootical dub” - Mixmag
“Not for laptop speakers!” - Q Magazine
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