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Belabaharr's invention by Pt. Babulal Gandharv is a gift to the music world and a pride of Indians, as such a masterpiece has been created here. People go into a trance with the sonorous sound of this unique example of creativity and beautiful visibility too. I can contribute and make India proud with hard work and passion for my father's creation and Indian arts. God has been kind to me for selecting me for a massive venture of being the first one in the Belabaharr legacy, and I will try my best to take this forward with my best efforts.

I am glad to share about one of these soul-stirring and priceless acoustic instruments of the music world and unique Indian classical band of India, "Anuraaj," which is the most highly professional band that actually performs music without compromising the ethics of music. It is indeed one of the best mediums to project to the audience with modern highlights, the power of traditional classical music with pure and rich content, engaging them with each beat of the concert without gimmicks and dilution.

Detailed Biodata:

There are many artists in the world who achieve success with efforts and passion for their instruments, fulfilling their dreams, but there are some exceptional ones who dare to fulfill their loved ones' dreams at the risk of their own dreams in the most diverse conditions. Naviin Gandharv is the one young multi-talented musician who plays the unique instrument called 'Belabaharr' and the Tabla with equal passion and dexterity with his own distinct style, which is a typical blend of the traditional and creative music developed from his mentors, legendary Ustad Allarakha and Pt. Babulal Gandharv (the creator of the 'Belabaharr'). His association with great maestros has polished him to be a dynamic and versatile performer.

It is said that melody and rhythm are a rare and uncommon combination. Like his name, he is truly a 'Gandharv.' Born on 20 Dec 1977 in the heart of Dewas, a famous place in Madhya Pradesh, India, where music is cherished since generations, being born in the aristocratic family of Pt. Kashiram, a celebrated Sarangi Master. He did initial training in tabla from his Nanaji Pt. Mansingh, Pt. Vishwanath Mishra, and later grasped the fragrance of Punjab gharana from tabla wizard Ustad Allarakha. Impressed by his talent, Ustad Ghulam Ali and Pt. Brij Narayan shared with him some prized tabla secrets and intricacies of taal mathematics. As a Tabla player, he was going smoothly towards a lustrous concert career, but a thought that who will take over his father's legacy of the wonderful instrument 'Belabaharr'. Continuously thinking on this, he finally took up the challenge that it can be no one but himself only and started from a professional tabla player to a beginner in the Belabaharr.

Playing classical solo on one instrument takes more than a lifetime, but Navin has taken it as a mission to provide his father's creation, Belabaharr, the status it truly deserves in the music world, facing all contradictory odds. Naviin is, in fact, a talented tabla maestro and loves the tabla but has decided to concentrate on the 'Belabaharr' equally to keep his father's legacy alive with the best of efforts.

He has won many youth instrumental music competitions like Dalmia Utsav, Aavishkar, Gokhle Utsav. He has been awarded Taal Mani from Sursingar Samsad, Shrinathji Samman from Sangeet Nritya Mandal Dewas M.P. Performed for various prestigious tributes to legendary maestros like Ustad Abdul Halim Jaffar, Ustad Ghulam Jaffar Khan (Jhansi), Acharya Ramnarayan Foundation, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Barsi of Pt. Omkarnath Thakur, Pt. Krishna Rao Shankar Pandit, Pradesh, Ustad Rajab Ali Khan, Durlabh Vadya Vinod at Ustad Allauddin Khan Music Circle Indore M.P., and many more.

Naviin has performed for various musical and other institutions like NCPA, ICCR, Essar Group, Lakme Fashion Week, IMG St. Xavier's College, Vedic Celebrations, Young String Masters of India for Kanakia Art Foundation, Indus Internationals, Hindustan Times, Sahara India, Celebrate Bandra, Osho, Whistling Woods Internationals, Adyatmik Raj Gurukulam, Indoor Stadium Orrissa, VLCC Events, IIC India International Centre, Azad Bhavan, Habitat Amphitheatre, JW Marriott Mumbai, Prithvi Theatre, Bhavans Cultural Centre, Art Des Film Centre, Museum Kala Ghoda, Devals Club Kolhapur, Mayo College Ajmer, Bombay Stock Exchange BSE, GSC Mumbai, Iyengar Yogsabha, Hong Kong Baptist University, Delhi International Arts Festival DIAF, Bombay Stock Exchange, etc. Upvan Sanskriti Arts Festival, Singhasth Mahakumbh. He has been successful in creating his own audience and fan following all over by single-handed efforts popularizing the Belabaharr and also been loyal to the tabla art. The unique attribute of Naviin is he is one of the rare artists to be selected by ICCR in both the solo instruments.

Naviin's band 'ANURAAJ' is a product of his efficiency in Belabaharr and Tabla, which is the only one of its kind that produces music different from all contemporaries. His songs are blended by the nuances of ragas and interesting taal mathematics, which is India's traditional heritage presented in a noble style. Anuraaj is a platform for highly talented youngsters of Indian classical music with a vision to take Indian music art to the highest level in the world. Apart from his solo concerts, Naviin with his band, including elder brother Devanand Gandharv, who is a gifted composer, arranger, keyboardist, compose and create wonderful music which cuts across cultural boundaries and appeals to people of all classes and backgrounds. The aesthetics, which is a specialty of Naviin's music, goes beyond technicalities producing immense pleasure which can't be achieved by mere hard practice. His music album 'Silver Lining' is running successfully all over the world, climbing the sales charts, including special fans in Pakistan and the US.

In fact, legendary artists like Marat Bisengaliev appreciated his talent. Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Ram Narayan, Anup Jalota, Ghulam Ali, and many others blessed him that he is going to turn out into an exciting and promising artist of the future generation and prove to be an asset to the music world.

Documentary videos:



Insync Promo Classical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmKecQ2pxjk

Anuraaj classical band Insync India stage


Corporate function https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_NxzGUCqY4&feature=youtu.be


Trident anniversary event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da9pd7L4SHI

Tabla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGk1804uyJo




The Belabaharr

Name & year of making: Bela is the Hindi name for violin, and baharr is the infinite possibilities and pleasure created by its soothing sound. This name had never been used ever before, so this new creation was named Belabaharr. It was invented on 15 April 1980 in Mumbai at Hindustan Naka in a slum which has been demolished in the 90s for new building constructions.

The difference with other instruments: There are no fine tuners in a tarab-based other instruments which makes easy tuning. It gives a sweet resonance, it's a one-piece except the fingerboard, tailpiece, bridge tuner box, and pegs. There are 8 underground tarabs under the fingerboard. Its belly gives the most beautiful look and sound. It is the most advanced instrument to play any kind of music with ease, it gives a refined and unique tone rarely like the nightingale Lata Mangeshkar's voice. This is probably the only instrument approved by the Indian government (Akashwani).

Babulalji during his young age learned vocal and sarangi from his father Pt. Kashiram Gandharv and later was fascinated with the technique and versatility of the violin, though his father wasn't happy with the western instrument. Practiced the violin for long as the main instrument for commercial work but missed the Indianess in sound which the sarangi produced by the sympathetic strings (tarab). He was not in a position to go back to the sarangi as he had practiced in violin so much. Then by goddess Saraswati's grace, an idea came to his mind to add the tarab in violin, but the violin body made of ply was
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