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Jeremy Davis
February 02/26/20, 2020
After a 7 year stint as a drummer for Ani DiFranco, Andy Stochansky taught himself guitar and started writing songs. Not long after, he was spotted in a bar and quickly signed to RCA / Victor. After releasing and touring two albums, he moved to Los Angeles to write for other artists. Though his writing career was successful, he woke up one day and realized he had to create for himself again, so White Elephant Orchestra was born.

Andy shares with the world of the song:
“Every time I would look at the news or look around people I was talking to, everybody looked completely down and out. These times have financially and mentally hit a lot of people very hard, so it’s a song about taking somebody and escaping with them …even for just a few minutes.

In saying that I also had to make sure that the lyric “I’m not giving up just need a holiday.. take us higher even for a day” had to be in there because some people can never give up and have that luxury.”

A masterpiece from start to finish, White Elephant Orchestra paints a bold vision that is truly his own.

Listen in here:


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