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Photo by: Dualismagic
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Photo by: Dualismagic
About: DualisMagic
Photo by: Dualismagic
About: Dualismagic
Photo by: Dualismagic
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Photo by: Dualismagic
Milo Molteni and Jacopo Ventura met each other at the beginning of 2013 in a pub in Lecco (I) during a session: love at first sight. The mood, the arrangements, and the choices about melody and harmony were immediately on the same wavelength: thus DualisMagic, an Irish and Quebecois Folk Duo, was born.

The Irish style is the leading motif in the sound: several trips to Ireland taught us repertoire and technique. We mixed it with the Quebecois sound (the foot tapping) and the passion for North Italian traditional music. The songs and the tunes sometimes sound like a jazz manouche style: lilting and turlutte (two ancient ways to transmit melodies with the mouth) mixed with Italian tongue twisters that sound like

"Ti che tacat i tac, tacum i tacMi, tacà i tac a ti che ta tacàt i tacTacasai ti i to tac"

The mix is brilliant: playing an instrument is feeling, is mood, is creating a beautiful atmosphere from musicians to the audience to have a great gig.

DualisMagic is glad to present you the show:

>>>A MAGICAL MEETING: a musical journey from Italy to Québec
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