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November 2023 #21 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Bellydancer (track)
September 2023 #37 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Bellydancer (track)
May 2022 #29 - Top 40 for Middle Eastern Influence Bellydancer (track)
About: Bellydancer cover art
About: Figli di Madre Ignota
About: Figli di Madre Ignota
Figli di Madre Ignota, a band from Milan, Italy, is a wild bunch that plays an aggressive mix of Mediterranean urban music, evil polkas, and mutant klezmer, with breathless tarantellas. They feature surfy electric guitars and a generous horn section, with a Balkan brass section playing alongside a twangy rock combo. Our latest release is "Bellydancer" (2014 – GodzillaMarket). Milan and Italy, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, different cultures and big cities – this is where we live. The "bellydancer" is an ideal epitome of these inspirations: Middle Eastern influences, Mediterranean traditions, urbanized life, and the electrified skyline of city lights. The "bellydancer" is an expression of tradition and, at the same time, an attraction of the ethnic restaurant around your block, a concept that can be placed wherever at will, disconnected from the context but still having its own identity and a strong connotation: a neon sign on an exchangeable background. In this perspective, "BELLYDANCER" is a genuine snapshot of our shows, in which we favor "indiscriminate danceable aggression": if you like solid rock guitars and a marble-tough rhythm section, whether you like to dance or just sit on the couch, "BELLYDANCER" talks about lust – lust for sex, lust for food, lust for finding yourself lost in Istanbul, lust for being hungry, an urgent declaration of our love for the party.

Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia: the band is well known for their breathtaking live shows, the spontaneous (and sometimes never-ending) aftershows in the audience or with the local DJ with acoustic instruments, for their unstoppable self-irony, and sparkly Italian temper. The band's highlights include the Sziget Festival World Stage (Hungary, 2009, 2012, 2013), Rock'n Coke Istanbul (Turkey, 2013), Hidrellez Festival (Turkey, 2013), Volt Festival (Hungary, 2011), Lowlands (Netherlands, 2010), Das Fest (Germany, 2010), Horizonte Festival (Germany, 2009), Fusion Festival (Germany, 2009), Mundial Festival (Netherlands, 2009), Eskisehir Festival (Turkey, 2009), Hidrellez Festival (Turkey, 2013), Caterraduno (2011), and Ariano Folk Festival (2007, 2013).

2010 – Combat Disco Casbah (Saphary Deluxe/Universal) features the artistic direction of Tod A. (Firewater, Cop Shoot Cop), mix by Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Box), and cameos by Uri Kinrot (Boom Pam) and Tod A. and Tamir Muskat themselves. 2007 – Fez Club (Saphary Deluxe/Eastblok)
2004 – Tamboo Tamboo
2001 – Kanakapila

Balkanica! v2 (2010), Balkan Fever (2008), Balkan Beats Vol. 3 (2008).
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