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Influences: Mediterranean , Middle Eastern , Latin American
Genres: flamenco, arabic, classical, pop, latin, jazz, fusion, gypsy, indian, asian
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Photo by: Claxoneros
About: Claxoneros
Claxoneros play their own compositions influenced by world music. That the band members found eachother was inevitable: They all studied at the Classical- and World Music Academy of the conservatoire of Rotterdam (NL). In these studies they specialized themselves in Latin, Flamenco, Jazz, classical music and the art of composition. The diversity of their music lies in the blend of different styles of (world) music. The virtuoso instrumentalists take the listener on a musical voyage. The passion of the flamenco guitar, the warm melodies of the viola, the diversity of the piano and the energy of the percussion create a rich unity. When they play live, they always share lots of beautiful vibrations with the audience.Music without boarders, taking you far away!