Influences: Mediterranean , Balkan , West European
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October 2023 #15 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Črni Orko (track)
June 2023 #6 - Top 40 for Mediterranean Influence Galižanska (video)
May 2023 #31 - Top 40 for Balkan Influence Anka (video)
by Veja
TradInEtno festival 2015 TradInEtno is world music festival with dance and music workshops, lectures and free concerts situated in Pazin (croatia) in medieval castle above the Pazinska jama/Pazin abyss. Pazin is a town of long and rich tradition. It is situated in the very centre of Istrian peninsula, only 30 km away from well-known tourist centres. More about Pazin you can find here: Artist and performers who is on tour from 17th to 25th of july contact us via e mail: and for more informations visit our official webpage   WORKSHOP The workshop is international, and that means that you, as a participant, will be able to share experience and learn a lot about different cultures. It is important to say that there will be some extra activities during the workshop, but we will keep it as a surprise for you. Participation fee is 100$ Accommodation and food is covered by the organizer of the festival! The number of participants for this workshop is limited so it is important for you to apply as soon as possible.   More info soon... more
“Veja” comes from Pazin (Croatia). It’s focused on researching Istrian traditional folk music and performing the same in more modern arrangements by using various traditional instruments from all over the world.