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Ancient Future
About "Ne Po Pogrebu Bochonochek"
This is Matthew Montfort's arrangement of a traditional old Russian folk song from Ancient Future's 'Planet Passion' release.

The popular Russian vocalist Irina Mikhailova sings about the woman removing an item of the shy man’s clothing each time she calls him by a more intimate name:

Ne po pogrebu bochonocheck kataetsya, lebedinyi moi lebedinyi lebed belyi maladoi.
Kak Ivanu sujenoi velichaetsyam, lebedinyi moi lebedinyi lebed belyi maladoi.
Oi ty Marichka razui, Ivanovna razadui.
Ya to rada razobud, da new znayu kak zovut?
Adnu nojeniku razula, Ivanuskoi nazvala.
A druguyu razula, Vasilichem nazvala.
(Podpoyasochku snyala, milym drujkom nazvala.
Podpoyasku da na kryuchok, sama tyanu pod bochok.
Podkachusya podvalyusya, nikogo ya ne boyusy, lebedinyi moi lebedinyi lebed belyi maladoi.)

Oh it’s not the sound of a barrel rolling in the cellar but like the white swan like the youthful one.
The youthful one is called Ivan, like the white swan like the youthful one.
Oh Marichka take Ivan’s shoe off, take it off. (Marichka answers:)
“I will be glad to take his shoe off but how should I be calling him?
I took one of his shoes off his foot and called him ‘Ivanushka.’
I took the shoe off his other foot and called him ‘Vasilichem.’
(I took off his belt and called him ‘my dear one.’
I hung the belt on the hook and lay down by his side.
Rocking and rolling, loving without fear, like the white swan like the youthful ones.)

Irina Mikhailova: vocals, shaker
Matthew Montfort: guitars, fretless bass, synthesizer
Emam: tabla
Ian Herman: drum set

World's Longest Running Band Dedicated to the Creation of World Fusion Music

"Ancient Future offers evocative world music imbued with graceful simplicity."–Bob Tarte,THE BEAT

BILLBOARD calls the group"trendsetters"for contributing to the emerging movement known asworld fusion music, a term Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort coined at the band’s ... more
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