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Ancient Future
About "Frog Orient Chance"
Released in 1981, Ancient Future's classic second album 'Natural Rhythms' made THE BEAT magazine's World Music Top 10 List and received two N.A.I.R.D. "Indie" awards in the fields of World Music and Album Cover Design.

Making their debut on 'Natural Rhythms' are the remarkable frogs of Bali, Indonesia, and the Valley of the Moon, California, featured in live improvisations with the members of Ancient Future.

The basic tracks of Balinese rice paddy frogs and percussion on this track were recorded live in the rice paddies. Guitars and gangsas were overdubbed. The piece features Matthew Montfort (scalloped fretboard guitar, classical guitar, gangsa, kukul), Wayan Ludra (kukul), Nyomen Kawiana (kajar), Mindia Devi Klein (gangsa), and Balinese rice paddy frogs.

World's Longest Running Band Dedicated to the Creation of World Fusion Music

"Ancient Future offers evocative world music imbued with graceful simplicity."–Bob Tarte,THE BEAT

BILLBOARD calls the group"trendsetters"for contributing to the emerging movement known asworld fusion music, a term Ancient Future leader Matthew Montfort coined at the band’s ... more
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