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Influence: Asian , Asian
Genre: world music
Influence: Asian , Latin American
Genre: worldmusic
Influence: Asian
Genre: worldmusic
Influence: Asian
Genre: worldmusic
Pemecahan Rekor MURI Musik Kolaborasi Terbanyak MUSEUM REKOR INDONESIA (MURI) "Car Free Night" 13 Juni 2015 at Asia Afrika Bandung MINI STAGE Performances by : •Indonesian Art Voices •Komunitas Seniman Kreatif •Indonesian Guitar Community, dll MAIN STAGE Performances by : "saratuspersen" Pemecahan Rekor MURI Musik Kolaborasi Terbanyak, dll »Di hadiri Walikota »Di hadiri Kapolda »Di hadiri 500 turis »Di hadiri ribuan pengunjung BANDUNG LAUTAN IKET yuk...kita kunjungi dan nikmati perhelatan akbar malam minggu ini sebelum Ramadhan more
Sound Of Orang Kampung still available !! Sound Of Orang Kampung - Saratuspersen - via @demajors_info more
live performance new video performance   saratuspersen ft. dannicky (chicago) live situ buleud, purwakarta - westjava - indonesia 2013   more
we have anew song chek it out more
saratuspersen is a unique musical group that was formed on September 1, 2001 in Bandung, West Java. then in May 2015 changed management and pop music genre.

but still brought the instrument from the archipelago Indonesia (Bali, Java, Sumatra) combined with western insrumen.

in every show saratuspersen using instruments Kendang (a kick drum Sunda), Seruling (a f... more
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