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Influence: Scandinavian , Balkan
Genre: visuamax
Sólin slokknuð - new video from Blóðlegur fróðleikur Check out this new video from the album Blóðlegur fróðleikur Find more gímaldin videos on Youtube, and check out the album on Spotify, Itunes, CDBaby and Amazon more
More dance music from Thú ert nömber Check out this extra track from the Thú ert nömber outtakes, take care to read the small print for truth of origin: more
More Thú ert nömber outtake mixes Check out this mix of one of the extended Thú ert nömber canon: More dance nömbers to follow more
New dance number from Thú ert nömber is an (previously) unfinished outtake from the 2010 album Thú ert nömber (see   )   redone for an upcoming dance playback program based on the original Thú ert nömber themes. follow news on the Soundcloud page or  ... more
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