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Emerging from Israel, Asaf Simchy, otherwise known as Yestegan chaY, is an electronic music producer who is principally focused on creating Psydub/Ethno Chill music that's fused with a range of textures and vibrations arising from the Middle East. As an Israeli with Persian roots, he brings to bear in his music a passion for global culture. The result is not only a unique sound characterized by precise electronic beats but also a sound that speaks of a broader worldview, which causes, through its subtle melodies and oriental influences, a dance experience oozing with creative yet easy-going energy. (Words by Mark Jickells)

Bandcamp - http://yesteganchay.bandcamp.com/
SoundCloud - http://soundcloud.com/yestegan-chay
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/YesteganchaY

Shikoon EP - [Self Release - 2014]:
1. Yeh Estekan Chaee
2. ElectroEthnica
3. Aiwa Alek
4. Abulele
5. Ballaboochang

Stormekanika - V.A Made of Dawn - Chapter 1 (BluehourSounds) 2010
Blue cat - V.A Plantation (Mindwaves Music) 2008
Unleaded - V.A Materia Musica (Ajana Records) 2008
Deluxe - V.A Psycrowdelica (Mindwaves Music) 2008
Twenty - V.A Shamanisma (Spacebaby Records) 2008

Some Past Events:
Psilosiva Genesis 2011/12 (Israel)
S.O.L Festival 2011 (Spain)
ChakradeliC 2010 (Cyprus)
Full Moon Festival 2008 (Germany)
Holy Rave 2007 (Israel)
Psycrowdelica 2007 (Germany)
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