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Ashnaia Project is the solo project from Alexandre Cortez.

Genres: Psychill / PsyDub / Psybient / Chillout / World-Music / Ambient / Downtempo

This project was created in 2010 in Ibiza. The main rule was "No Rules"; it's made to find where the imagination can go with no musical rules, just feelings and emotions.

In the winter of 2010, Alex Cortez decided to make his studio far from the city, surrounded by nature and good vibes. He started 4 months of intense musical production with no outside interferences. At that moment, Ashnaia Project was born, a new style of music with so many new possibilities. After 4 months, the first EP was ready. Alex's first-ever release was out in December of 2010! From there, this project has been the main project of Alex; he puts all his dedication and time into creating this intelligent space atmospheric chillout with fusions of ancient world music from India, Mongolia, Brazil, and more.

From 2010, he has released 10 EPs and he is present in 8 VAs, working with Dropland Rec, Nutek-Chill Rec, Audiolabs Rec.

In 2013, Alex gave his first free download track on Soundcloud, and it was a hit in the psychill. The track "Ancient Knowledge" was in many DJ sets at worldwide festivals. Many new followers, likes, downloads, and comments from then.

Dropland Rec decided to make an EP and it went very well.

The release "Water Genetics" (2013) reached the first place at JunoDownload Dub Charts for 5 consecutive days and now the new VA "Resistance 2015" from Nutek-Chill that has 2 tracks from Ashnaia recently touched the first place at the Dub Charts of Beatport!

This summer of 2015, Ashnaia Project made its presence for the first time at a festival, "Blackmoon Festival 2015 Italy," and now is ready for 2016 with more than 4 hours of live act with many different styles of chillout. Please be my guest and have a listen.

For more info, please contact: E-Mail bdishes@hotmail.com
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