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February 2024 #18 - Top 40 for Asian Influence Tamota Moriorê (track)
January 2024 #15 - Top 40 for Asian Influence Tamota Moriorê (track)
December 2023 #36 - Top 40 for Latin American Influence Kayapó Song (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
Brazilian band Mawaca presents 'Inquilinos do Mundo' – 'Dwellers of the World' that features melodies and rhythms of nomadic peoples, refugees, exiles, and gypsies from all over the globe. It's all about songs from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Spain, India, Mexico, and Haiti, which were held in memories as truly sonorous reliquaries.

Mawaca has lived for 17 years as an independent band. The ensemble has been working without sponsorship and has not had any support from record labels so far. The group performs a multicultural repertoire, and it has performed abroad in more than 25 different languages.

Mawaca shows the cultural diversity of the world, through songs that pay homage to Brazilian indigenous peoples, immigrants, Japanese, Muslims, Gypsies, Arabs, Africans, and several others.

The group has performed in very outstanding countries all over the world, such as Spain, Portugal, Germany, China, Greece, Bolivia, the Brazilian Amazon, etc.

Who knows Mawaca is already aware that its concerts are such a celebration of life, a vibrant collective gathering, followed by a fierce and contagious audience. When Mawaca decided to record 'Dwellers of the World' with the musicians coming all together like a live concert, Mawaca's desire was to capture this entire magical moment, fully loaded with emotion, to take you back home with us.
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