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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Oriental Mood
Influences: Mediterranean , Middle Eastern , Gypsy
Genres: middle eastern roots fusion
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Back on track with Oriental Mood - now as trio with : Poul J Knudsen(Flamenco passion) : Guitar - Mirwais Fedai : Indian tabla -LBKhaled : Qanun,perch. look at Concert 5/7 kl. 17-19 in Copenhagen at "Tranquebar" i Borgergade more
Photo by: Oriental Mood
About: LB Khaled
Photo by: Oriental Mood
About: LB Khaled playing Qanun
Photo by: Oriental Mood
About: Lars Bo Kujahn alias LBKhaled
Photo by: Oriental Mood
About: Oriental Mood Trio
Photo by: Oriental Mood
About: India Tour 2019
I work with music from Turkey, arabian countries as well as Balkan and worldfusion in general. My main instruments are the arabian “Qanoon” (arabian piano) – and ”Oriental Percussion” ; tabla/darbuka(arabian turkish drum) and all kinds of frame drums from Middle East/Asia. Finally I play drums and guitar as well..

I play with theese bands/connections :

Oriental Mood

World of Drums

Middle East Peace Orchestra



Søebog/Kujahn/Musil Trio

you can book them by mailing/calling to me

at 0045-20217089

or mail at :